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Ember: Fire Walker/Elemental Ward/Empower - General Use

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Ember Prime offers the same potential for wanton destruction as Ember but provides unique mod polarities, allowing for greater customization.




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Ember: Fire Walker/Elemental Ward/Empower - General Use

Ember Gameplay Guide

[Ember] utilizes Immolation's thermometer to give her abilities various offensive and defensive properties. This grants her damage reduction, armor stripping, and powerful heat procs to deal with various levels of difficult content. She struggles against enemies immune to heat but a balanced loadout can deal with that issue.

📝 Build Overview 📝

This build capitalizes on every aspect of her kit for greater mission flexibility. It also gives her more options for subsumed abilities by not making sacrifices to her ability stats.

🔢 Helminth Options 🔢

Fireball is usually replaced as it's the weakest ability in her kit without the augment. Inferno fills the role of generating heat for Immolation and Fire Blast is necessary for controlling your heat generation.

Fire Walker synergizes with her passive and grants her kit status immunity. It doesn't generate heat for Immolation but generally has more applicability than Fireball.

Empower grants more Strength for Inferno at the cost of a lower energy economy. It also allows you to run lower Duration for builds that focus entirely on raw damage.

Elemental Ward (Heat) synergizes with her passive and gives her even more health to tank higher level star chart missions. It can also be used as a pseudo healing tool with baseline Duration.

Roar is one of the few ways to increase her heat proc damage due to an unfortunate interaction that is explained in the note section of this guide. It may need more Duration to have a stable energy economy.

Other abilities can fit into this build but they may require slight changes to her playstyle or ability stats. Popular options like Ensnare and Breach Surge work against most content but may require more Range.

📊 Ability Stats 📊

Strength is the main focus of this build but other stats are kept around the baseline to facilitate more Helminth options.

Helminth Invigorations, Arbitration Buffs, Ally Abilities, Arcanes, and other external stat boosts can save you multiple mod slots but may rely on specific team compositions, loadouts, or sheer luck. Plan around these situations and modify your loadout to hit desired ability stat breakpoints.

⏲️ Duration ⏲️

Duration is a little above the baseline to slightly boost her subsumed ability while also increasing the total damage of Inferno in non-optimal scenarios. It should be tailored to the subsumed ability rather than her kit as most of her abilities don't properly scale off of Duration.

⛽ Efficiency ⛽

Efficiency is increased by a bit to keep her energy economy in check. Inferno maxes out its cost after targeting ten enemies so proper energy regeneration should allow you to replace [Streamline]. Fleeting Expertise is most likely overkill on this setup as we're using an ability that scales off of Duration.

📏 Range 📏

Range is kept at the base as most of her abilities have line of sight requirements. This limits her to attacking enemies in the room that she's currently in but even that can be inconsistent. Flex mods can be replaced for additional Range in larger tilesets but Narrow Minded isn't suggested even for small tilesets.

💪 Strength 💪

Strength is increased to benefit Inferno and Immolation but anything higher than the baseline is good enough for her kit to work properly. Immolation has maximum damage reduction even when the thermometer is at the minimum with this Strength setup. Replace the mods as you see fit.

↔️ Alternate Playstyles ↔️

Most builds utilize tools that can be swapped out to serve the same purpose albeit in a different manner. The following suggestions are an outline and aren't exhaustive.

🔧 Mods 🔧

  • [Growing Power] is easy to use on a frame focused on status procs. The Strength may be a bit redundant in some build variants so it can be replaced with anything as you see fit.
  • [Power Drift] gives a bit of Strength and synergizes with defensive setups due to the small knockdown resistance. Primed Sure Footed is stronger but requires a different polarity plan.
  • [Primed Continuity] is unnecessary on builds that only focus on raw damage and don't use Inferno's damage over time effects. Streamline can be replaced with Fleeting Expertise in these scenarios for the same reason.
  • [Adaptation] and [Vitality] are flex survivability mods that give reasonable survivability against the base star chart. Rolling Guard can replace either mod against extremely enemies with extremely high damage.
  • [Exothermic] keeps the energy economy in check but it can be replaced with any of her other augments if you have sufficient forms of energy regeneration.

⚙️ Arcanes ⚙️

Arcane Energize synergizes with [Primed Flow] and keeps your energy topped off. It can be replaced if you have other strong forms of energy recovery either through abilities or other energy support frames. Offensive arcanes like Arcane Avenger or Arcane Strike are usually the call.

Arcane [Guardian] give more survivability to builds that focus on effective health rather than invincibility. It can be replaced when fighting enemies with extremely high damage. Tertiary defensive arcanes like Arcane Aegis or Arcane Eruption are usually the call.

📋 Final Notes 📋

Immolation's heat thermometer requires diligent maintenance for maximum efficiency. Inferno gives free heat generation when used with no targets on the screen but this can cause the meter to build too quickly and force you to spam Fire Blast. On setups that favor spamming Inferno you may need to reset Immolation periodically as the heat generation is higher than your Fire Blast casting speed.

Fire Blast and Immolation don't require more than the baseline Strength to properly do their maximum effects. However this requires you to spend more time generating heat which can have counter intuitive synergy with builds that completely focus on weapons rather than abilities. Her passive can get free Strength from nearby enemies taking Ignite damage but this becomes inconsistent if they die before you cast an ability.

In a cruel sense of irony, [Ember] can actually lower the damage from heat procs (Ignite) done by your allies. Ignite damage is scaled by the faction damage and heat mods from both the original heat proc and additional heat procs that add to the duration. [Ember] can't natively use Heat or faction mods on her abilities so this will cause all further heat procs from meta weapons to do a fraction of their Ignite damage. Roar partially alleviates this problem but be mindful of this issue when using Ember against high level enemies that are weak to Heat as you can become a massive detriment to your allies.

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  • Dystopia - Explained Ignite formulas for faction and heat mods.

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