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Titania: Thermal Sunder/Fire Blast/Tempest Barrage - Fissure Farming

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Tempting and terrifying, this is Titania in her ultimate form.




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Titania: Thermal Sunder/Fire Blast/Tempest Barrage - Fissure Farming

Titania Gameplay Guide

[Titania] is primarily a support frame that can use Razorwing to transition into other playstyles. Most of her abilities focus on various defensive buffs or mild enemy crowd control. Razorwing grants her massive damage, survivability, and movement speed which can be adapted to various mission types.

📝 Build Overview 📝

Razorwing allows [Titania] to speedrun through missions at a speed that's only limited by your personal skill level to control it. This build attempts to utilize a subsumed nuking ability to quickly complete missions that require elimination of enemies like Extermination or more specifically Extermination Fissures.

🔢 Helminth Options 🔢

Lantern has inconsistent line of sight checks and it should be replaced until this system is changed on a macro level. If you're playing with some form of constant invisibility it's far more useful.

Thermal Sunder checks all the boxes that a nuke needs to be both fast and consistent on this build. It doesn't require a line of sight check which is the biggest boon it has over the competition.

Fire Blast, Tempest Barrage, and other abilities that can do area of effect damage may be conceptual substitutes on this build but they have worse damage and line of sight checks that can make them feel inconsistent in most content.

Other abilities are decent but provide a lot of redundancy due to the existence of operator mode and the previously mentioned abilities.

📊 Ability Stats 📊

Range and Efficiency is important for a speedy nuke build with Strength being kept high enough to wipe enemies in most missions. Duration takes a hit but it shouldn't have a significant impact.

⏲️ Duration ⏲️

Duration takes a hit from [Transient Fortitude] and [Fleeting Expertise] but Thermal Sunder shouldn't be affected by it in most missions. Fleeting Expertise can be replaced if you're having issues with your subsumed ability or Spellbind.

⛽ Efficiency ⛽

Efficiency is boosted to keep Razorwing and your subsumed ability in check. [Fleeting Expertise] is a flex mod that can be swapped out with Primed Flow but this requires the use of Preparation to take advantage of the increased maximum energy.

📏 Range 📏

Range is increased to allow Thermal Sunder to hit more enemies without needing to do reposition and recast the ability constantly. Decreasing it significantly isn't suggested but flex mods can be replaced with Augur Reach. Overextended can be replaced with Augur Reach as well on smaller tilesets.

💪 Strength 💪

Strength is high enough for Thermal Sunder to kill most enemies in Extermination Fissures with a cast or two. Flex mods can be replaced with another Strength mod if you're having issues but the only other impactful option is Blind Rage.

↔️ Alternate Playstyles ↔️

Most builds utilize tools that can be swapped out to serve the same purpose albeit in a different manner. The following suggestions are an outline and aren't exhaustive.

🔧 Mods 🔧

  • [Enemy Radar] helps you and your team to identify enemy positions and plan the best way to position your nuke casts. It can be replaced if you're playing on small tilesets or if you have multiple other forms of Enemy Radar mods.
  • [Primed Sure Footed] has some redundancy with Spellbind but it allows you to focus on the mission rather than strict ability upkeep. Either of these are mandatory in Razorwing builds to keep you from suffering a multitude of forced staggers when running into terrain so only replace this if you're able to keep your knockdown resistance up consistently.
  • [Power Drift] is a good replacement for Primed Sure Footed if you're using multiple Motus Set mods in your loadout to increase your knockdown resistance further.
  • [Fleeting Expertise] can be considered a flex mod if you're confident in your energy economy. Primed Flow is usually the best replacement but it also requires you to fit in Preparation.
  • Transient Fortitude or Umbral Intensify are flex mods on extremely low level Extermination missions.
  • [Razorwing Blitz] is a powerful mod when used correctly but it heavily relies on your ability to skillfully navigate tilesets at various ability Strength combinations.

⚙️ Arcanes ⚙️

Arcane Energize synergizes with high Efficiency and keeps your energy topped off. It can be replaced if you have other strong forms of energy recovery either through abilities or other energy support frames. Offensive arcanes like Arcane Precision or Arcane Velocity are usually the call.

Arcane Nullifier protects you from forced Magnetic procs in some missions that completely cripple your energy economy. It isn't necessary on missions that don't contain any of these procs. Tertiary defensive arcanes like Arcane Aegis or Arcane Guardian are usually the call.

📋 Final Notes 📋

[Primed Sure Footed] can be dropped from these speedrunning builds as you can cast Spellbind or utilize the Motus set mods throughout your kit to grant you knockdown resistance during Razorwing. This and other small tricks like jumping before you activate Razorwing can make a crucial difference when trying to save seconds in missions that barely last a minute.

Spellbind, Tribute, Lantern, and Razorwing all contain elements that aren't affected by mods. This can either be beneficial or detrimental depending on your stat distribution. Unfortunately it puts most builds in a position where they aren't making effective use of various ability stat investments but it also allows you to completely dump a stat with no penalties.

Lantern abides by several line of sight checks and some quirks with the enemy pathing that can allow it to be extremely effective or completely useless depending on the tileset and enemy density. It's far more effective when you and your allies are completely invisible as it will pull more aggro regardless of the circumstances.

Razorwing Blitz is a double-edged sword that can either be a massive boon to your movement speed or a complete detriment depending on your skill level and the makeup of the tileset. Increasing or decreasing Strength to suit your various needs is usually the call but if you're having issues with repositioning it may be more wise to just remove the mod altogether and focus on other forms of more manageable speed bonuses.

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🏆 Credits 🏆

  • NICHE - Developed tools that made generating builds far easier.
  • Dragazer - Helped to clarify certain melee interactions.
  • Marr - Helped with proofreading original build format.
  • Fz0ul - Assisted with optimizing polarity plans to save forma.

🛑 Disclaimers 🛑

This build may make certain assumptions about mechanics that can change after a patch. Multiple unnecessary forma may be used to facilitate more options across multiple builds with one polarity plan. Certain sub-optimal mods may be run to fit them into the forma polarity plan. We do not make builds that purposely attempt to abuse mechanics that aren't intended by the developers. None of these previous statements are excuses for a fundamentally incorrect build and we ask that you please contact us when we're wrong. We do not consent to anyone other than the original author of this guide posting it without permission.> Razorwing has defensive and offensive effects that can significantly alter your playstyle throughout the mission. This build attempts to utilize defensive mods and subsumed buffs for a more greedy variant of most typical Razorwing builds.