Nautilus: Railjack

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With 'Auto Omni' and 'Cordon' as default Precepts, this Sentinel is the ideal companion for long voyages aboard a Railjack. Note: This item requires two open slots.




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Nautilus: Railjack

Nautilus Gameplay Guide

[Nautilus] is a sentinel that can either crowd control enemies or help you to repair various Railjack debuffs. Unfortunately this means that [Auto Omni] is entirely useless outside of the Railjack game modes but the general flexibility of [Cordon] can make it have marginal usage with some loadouts.

Mod positioning greatly determines how your Sentinel will behave due to the way it activates each precept. Ensure that you read the Mods and Final Notes sections below for additional information.

📝 Build Overview 📝

Sentinels are primarily used as stat sticks in this meta but this build attempts to get the most out of various mods that can buff your frame. Auto Omni can be used by a pilot in emergencies and this build is able to be used by any of the meta Railjack pilots.

🔧 Mods 🔧

  • [Guardian] grants your frame an additional shield gate periodically which can significantly increase your survivability. It should always be the very first mod (Top Left) in any mod loadout so that it activates immediately in all scenarios.
  • [Auto Omni] is a panic option when you're a Railjack pilot. It has enough range to repair various hazards from across the room and can save you Revolite in longer runs.
  • [Enhanced Vitality] allows your Sentinel to survive various area of effect attacks against your frame. It doesn't scale against extremely high level enemies and should be replaced with any other mod that fits into the polarity plan. Thankfully we also use Accelerated Deflection which can fit into the polarized slot instead.
  • [Vacuum] is one of the greatest quality of life bonuses that a Sentinel can grant you but it can cause some builds to accidentally suction every single health, ammo, and energy source on the map before they can be used efficiently. Replace it if you're relying on pickups for your resource management.
  • [Assault Mode] allows your Sentinel to attack. In this meta Sentinels have few ways of defending themselves and using a single mod slot to give it additional crowd control options is paramount to its survival.
  • [Accelerated Deflection] helps your Sentinel to engage in the shield gating meta. It's the only source of survivability in scaling content and shouldn't be replaced unless your loadout has companion protection or ally damage nullification.
  • [Synth Deconstruct] is primarily run for the Synth set bonus but the health orbs can be useful for you and your Sentinel's survival. This is especially true when combined with Synth Fiber.
  • [Synth Fiber] is primarily run for the Synth set bonus but the additional armor can be useful for your Sentinel at low levels. It also allows you to pick up health orbs when your frame and Sentinel have full health which can synergize with some loadouts.
  • [Primed Animal Instinct] is a strong source of Loot and Enemy Radar. Knowledge of enemy positioning and item pickups can significantly speed up the completion of most missions.
  • [Primed Regen] gives your Sentinel additional lives. They have barely any tools for survival so it isn't uncommon for you to get your Sentinel killed even when you're playing as defensively as possible.

↔️ Alternate Playstyles ↔️

  • [Cordon] crowd controls enemies by grouping them together. This synergizes with many meta strategies in the game but it's fairly weak in comparison to other options. It can also be slightly inconsistent due to the fact that you can't directly control when Nautilus will activate the ability. Use it at your own discretion.
  • [Sacrifice] is good on paper, but has issues past solo star chart. You really shouldn't need to be revived with all the tools you have at your disposal. Your Sentinel also has to fend for itself for so long that it'll be burning though multiple [Primed Regen] charges just to pick you up once. Having a dead Sentinel on some builds is such a detriment that you end up letting yourself die just to bring it back. Use it only when you've exhausted other options.
  • Anti-Gray Array is a useful movement bonus but some tilesets with low ceiling can actually slow you down with this mod equipped. Use it if you're confident that the increased jump height won't be an issue.
  • [Medi-Ray] and [Odomedic] are extremely weak sources of healing in this meta. They have some gimmicky usage on Garuda Railjack pilots with a Bleeding Dragon Key.
  • [Repair Kit], [Metal Fiber], and [Calculated Redirection] are very weak sources of survivability on a Sentinel with these stats. You can slot them in if you have no other options.
  • Shield Charger can actually be a bad mod on most frames as it doesn't synergize with Brief Respite/Augur shield gate strategies. It can be used by [Hildryn] Railjack pilots for a better "energy" economy. It also synergizes with Arcane Aegis because of weird interactions between shield recharge bonuses and the arcane itself.
  • [Spare Parts] can be used to farm very specific items but this strategy has been limited in too many ways over the years to compete with meta resource farming strategies.
  • [Coolant Leak], [Fired Up], Sanctuary, Self Destruct, and any other mods not mentioned previously are far too gimmicky for us to reliably recommend.

📋 Final Notes 📋

Ensure that the mods are equipped in the order that we have them listed. Due to some sites having issues with weird mod layouts it may not match exactly what it will look like in the game. The general rule is that mods in the top left will activate before ones in the bottom right. Always ensure that [Assault Mode] and other mods that give the Sentinel the ability to attack are equipped in the furthest right slots or even the bottom slots. Sentinels will not activate any other precepts if these attack mods are equipped ahead of others in the queue.

Many mods deactivate when your Sentinel dies. Other mods completely break when you're within a certain distance of multiple enemies. Some don't even work how they say they do on the description. This is why we focus far more on Sentinel mods that give your frame passive bonuses even when the Sentinel dies or it completely bugs out.

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🏆 Credits 🏆

  • NICHE - Developed tools that made generating builds far easier.
  • Dragazer - Helped to clarify certain melee interactions.
  • Marr - Helped with proofreading original build format.

🛑 Disclaimers 🛑

This build may make certain assumptions about mechanics that can change after a patch. Multiple unnecessary forma may be used to facilitate more options across multiple builds with one polarity plan. Certain sub-optimal mods may be run to fit them into the forma polarity plan. We do not make builds that purposely attempt to abuse mechanics that aren't intended by the developers. None of these previous statements are excuses for a fundamentally incorrect build and we ask that you please contact us when we're wrong. We do not consent to anyone other than the original author of this guide posting it without permission.