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[*] Mesa P v2.0 - Tanky Badass - (Pacheon)

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Cast a long shadow with this lethal enforcer. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.




60 / 60


Damage Reduction
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[*] Mesa P v2.0 - Tanky Badass - (Pacheon)


UPDATE as 24.4.0 - Arcane Velocity NERF!
"EDIT 3/12/19: Missing Patch Notes
[Mesa]'s Peacemaker will no longer trigger Arcane Velocity. Arcane Velocity can still be triggered outside of Peacemaker and will apply if Peacemaker is used during its duration."
Thus, using Arcane Aegis plus Arcane [Guardian] is the way to go for more survivability. Her damage hasn't been changed, so you will still hit hard, but not that fast as before THANKS TO DE.

Second Edit regarding Arcane Velocity 2021:
It seems like, DE kinda reverted their stupidness about Arcane Velocity not triggering via Peace Maker. Why it got nerfed in the first instance is still beyond me.
Replace [Guardian] with Velocity, if you like to. Rest, go accordingly with Guide.


Seriously guys, what's is wrong with all of you slapping mods like shield and health crap on almost every build?
Did you even test your build? I guess not!

Hello everybody, some people might know me, I've added quite a lot of proper builds to the scene, without even atrociously adding some nonsense high-level mods, since regular ones were as good as those.

Today, you will get my newest [Mesa] build. A proper one which can even survive Lv 165 Gunner fire till your Shatter Shield runs out., and even after that you are pretty beefy, thanks to Adaption and Arcanes! (Reminder. Adaption can stay unranked, if you want the Mod capacity or don't have the endo maxing it! NOT A MUST HAVE !MAXED! MOD).

All you need is this, shown here. No exilus crap, no extra Arcane Pistol stuff, no multiple expensive damage mods.

Don't forget to equip Arcane Aegis (Rank 2 minimum) and Arcane [Guardian].
Why? Arcane Aegis is a godsend for the shields of [Mesa] while in Peacemaker mode with Shatter Shield being activated. The AI in this game is stupid as hell. If you spawn 20 Gunners, only 1, in very rare cases two, will fire at you at most (this also counts towards live-testing on missions). Aegis will always trigger for sure (not at bombards, but they can't even scratch your health while Shatter Shields being activated) and will hinder enemies sucking on your health bar.
Amongst with the usual high survivability of [Hunter Adrenaline] + Aegis buff, Arcane [Guardian] becomes another layer of protection (essential since 24.4.X and the Arcane Velocity nerf). You will for sure trigger Arcane Guardian.

Why not using Arcane Velocity (nerfed/removed possibility):
DE nerfed it right away on the 24.4.0 Patch. It is no longer triggering on critical shots while being in Peacemaker mode. It sucks, but we know that DE does not think logical, or rational at all cough Xoris Nerf cough. It is a straight 3-4 seconds/per kill on Lv170s nerf. It makes no sense, as we all know, since Peacemaker DOES cause criticals.

Why not using Arcane Awakening:
Peacemaker does not reload, thus, won't trigger buff. Triggering it within a regular instance is just unnecessary and there is no necessity in it.

Why not using Arcane Precision:
Peacemaker does not aim for headshots, at all, even if you manually aim for it in Peacemaker mode with the most narrowed down aim-circle. Won't trigger at all. You could manually go for it but ... you know the drill.

Why not using [Pistol Amp] or [Corrosive Projection]:
[Pistol Amp] scales very very very badly. Those almost 30% ain't raw additions to the actual damage, and that addition is exclusive to your sidearm and Peacemaker. Using Corrosive Projection isn't as useful anymore, since the recent armor scaling changes. Use any Aura mod you want. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I am wrecking enemies with my weapons this easily, it doesn't matter if I have an armor reduction on the enemy or not. You can go for Corrosive Projection anyways! :-)

Why not using any Exilus mods:
Ain't worth the struggle. You need to add at least 2 more Forma for .. 0,2s - 0,7s-ish faster killing. Literally, not worth it.

Why not using more power strength for Peacemaker:
To be honest, it makes no sense. You will sacrifice a lot of important end-game survivability for just 2 seconds of faster killing. Testing +230% PS on Lv 150 gunners with and without Shooting Gallery will result into 21 - 23 seconds of fast killing, while having 155%, you will get under the same circumstances a killing time of 22 - 25 seconds each enemy.
Makes just no sense after all. And on top of it, higher damage (due to negative aspects on Ability Duration and Energy Efficiency - [Blind Rage] + [Transient Fortitude]) will consume your energy pool waaaay too fast.

Why not using more power strength for Shatter Shield:
150% PS are necessary for the Shatter Shield to cap at 95% damage reduction. Anything beyond that PS is utterly wasted BiS (best in slot) potential. Nothing more to say. Deal with it.

Stick to my build and you will even survive the usual stuff what Inaros handles with ease.

Regulator Build:

Best regards and good hunting Tenno!