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The Lawbreaker | Mesa Prime

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Cast a long shadow with this lethal enforcer. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.




60 / 60


Damage Reduction
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The Lawbreaker | Mesa Prime

Hello everyone,

My name is UltimoFive and today we are going over [Mesa Prime], The Lawbreaker.

Frame Information

  • [Mesa Prime] is the Prime Version of [Mesa] and was released alongside Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime. In order to obtain [Mesa Prime] one must open a variety of relics that contain her Blueprint, Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics in order to make her at the foundry.

  • Mesa Prime requires a Mastery Rank of 2.

  • [Mesa Prime] comes with 2 "Dash" and a "D" Polarity Slot, plus a "V" Aura Slot. Because of this, the builds on her will require 2 forma.

  • [Mesa Prime] comes with her own Exalted Prime weapons, the Regulators Prime. With her pistols by her side she becomes an extremely deadly frame that no enemy should face against.

Comparison to the Original Mesa

Mesa Prime has been buffed compared to the Original Mesa. These buffs would be:

  • Higher Health Pool at 135/405 Vs. 125/375

  • Higher Armor at 125 Vs. 100

  • Higher Energy Pool at 125/188 Vs. 100/150

  • Comes with an additional "D" and "V" Polarity Slot

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages


  • High Health Pool at 135/405

  • Above Average Sprint Speed at 1.10


  • Extremely Low Armor at 125

  • Low Shield Pool at 75/225

  • Below Average Energy Pool at 125/188

Ability & Augmentation Overview

  • Passive - [Mesa]'s Passive grants additional proficiency with Secondary Weapons. For Dual Wielded Sidearms she gains a 15% Fire Rate Bonus and For One Handed Sidearms she gains a 25% Reload Speed Bonus. As well as this she can be granted 50 Health if she has no Melee Weapon Equipped. This isn't that bad of a Passive and can help with several Secondary Weapons, such as the Reload Speed benefiting the Kuva Nukor. However, the Health Bonus is fairly minimal and isn't that good or worth it to not bring a Melee Weapon.

  • Ballistic Battery - [Mesa]'s First Ability stores damage caused by Guns. When used a second time it channels all stored damage into the next gunshot. With her Augmentation, [Ballistic Bullseye], it allows a chance to deal a Status Effect on shots that have been enhanced by Ballistic Battery by giving up too 100% Status Chance. This ability can be great, if used correctly. However, it just is lack luster due to most of the time the player is just going to be using her other three abilities, making this ability an easy candidate to get subsumed out.

  • Shooting Gallery - [Mesa]'s Second Ability releases a Energy Lasso that encircles her and grants additional Weapon Damage. On top of this effect, it also will lash out at targets near her with beams of energy every 1.5 seconds that either jam Ranged Enemy weapons or stun Melee Enemies. With her Augmentation, [Muzzle Flash], it makes Shooting Gallery emit a flash that blinds enemies around her when allies buffed with Shooting Gallery assist in 6 kills. This ability is great, not only for buffing Weapon Damage, but it practically stuns all enemies within her radius. Making them an easy target to take out and to have some breathing room to calm down the fight.

  • Shatter Shield - [Mesa]'s Third Ability envelops herself in a energy shield that reduces incoming damage from gunfire and reflects hitscan bullets back at her attackers. With her Augmentation, [Staggering Shield], it allows shots reflected a chance to stagger enemies. This ability is outstanding, because it makes it so [Mesa] will barely take Damage to enemy Weapon Fire. However, there are a couple downsides to this ability. The first being that enemy melee attacks do full damage, making it a bit problematic to take [Mesa] against the Infested if not careful and the second being that the augment isn't really worth equipping onto Mesa.

  • Peacemaker - [Mesa]'s Fourth Ability allows her to draw her Exalted Weapon, The Regulators. While Peacemaker is active a focus ring appears that when aimed at enemies while holding the fire button allows Mesa to Auto-Target random enemies inside the focus ring, with each gunshot reducing the size and over 3.5 seconds increases Fire Rate up to 100%. With her Augmentation, [Mesa's Waltz], it allows her to move at a reduced speed while channeling Peacemaker. This ability is [Mesa]. It is extremely powerful into late game and can easily take out huge single targets or Large Groups of enemies without a care in the world. The only questionable thing is her augmentation. A lot of people say that [Mesa's Waltz] is bad, but in my opinion I actually think it is very useful for people who practically want to just stay in her Peacemaker or just want to move around while using it.


The Desperado:

The Desperado Build for [Mesa Prime] utilizes an Extremely Large Increase to Efficiency, a Large Increase to Strength, Duration, and [Mesa]'s Energy Pool with a Large Decrease to Range. The Build's Flex Slot is [Augur Secrets] and mainly focuses on [Mesa]'s Fourth Ability mixed with her Third Ability for protection. Due to only having her Third Ability for Defense in High Leveled Missions it is extremely important to have it up at all times, since there is no [Adaptation] to help [Negate] Damage. Other than this it is extremely easy to just hold down the triggers for her Peacemaker and kill all enemies around.

The Wanted:

The Wanted Build for [Mesa Prime] utilizes a Large Increase to Strength, Range, and Mesa's Energy Pool with a Small Increase to Duration and Efficiency. The Build's Flex Slot is Streamline and is an all-around Build. With the increased Range it helps with her Shooting Gallery's Stun Range. Meanwhile, her other three abilities are buffed due to the increased Strength. However, I do recommend using a recommended Ability Swap in place of Ballistic Battery that is later suggested in the guide. Along with this [Adaptation] is on this Build to help with increased Survivability if one forgets to use their Shatter Shield.

The Big Boss:

The Big Boss Build for [Mesa Prime] utilizes an Extremely Large Increase to Range, a Large Increase to [Mesa]'s Energy Pool with a Small Increase to Strength and Duration. The Build's Flex Slots are [Augur Secrets] or [Primed Flow] and is a Fun Build. This Build is something I played around with and kind of enjoyed, in which it focuses highly on Shooting Gallery's Augmentation [Muzzle Flash] and works as a massive Blind when one gets assists from teammates. The increases to Duration and Strength are there to help not only with Shooting Gallery, but to keep Shatter Shield up and get the maxed 95% Damage Reduction from Weapon Fire.

Regulators Prime

  • Corpus | 4 Forma | Radiation
  • Corrupted & Grineer | 4 Forma | Viral
  • Infested | 4 Forma | Gas or Viral

The Elements for [Mesa]'s Regulator Prime follows Radiation for the Corpus, Viral for the Corrupted and Grineer, and Gas or Viral for the Infested. I won't go into much detail in this guide. However, against the Corpus the Build focuses on just straight Damage with stacking Multishot for Heavy Damage against all Corpus Units. For the Corrupted, Grineer, and Infested the Builds focus on getting a couple kills to Stack Damage upon Status Effect and Multishot in order to just decimate the factions without a care in the world.

If you'd like more information on the [Regulators Prime] than make sure to check out my other guide on the weapon, where I go into much more detail on the weapon.
Regulator's Prime 🠖 The Lawbreaker's Piece | Regulators Prime

Recommended Alternative Modifications

First off, the Aura slot can be whatever one wants it to be. As long as it benefits one and what they are during currently than realistically anything can work there. For instance [Pistol Amp] is a Great Aura mod to increase Pistol Damage for her Peacemaker, but [Corrosive Projection] could be a better choice. You could even use an Aura Forma on her so any mod could go there and not just Madurai "V" mods.

  • Intensify - In place of Umbral Intensify if one doesn't have it.

  • Continuity - In place of Primed Continuity if one doesn't have it.

  • Flow - In place of Primed Flow if one doesn't have it.

  • Mesa's Waltz - In place of Power Drift in the Desperado Build if one wants to move around while using Peacekeeper.

  • Eclipse - In place of Ballistic Battery if one wants an ability that can really help with increasing Damage in the Light.

  • Chroma's Elemental Ward - In place of Ballistic Battery if one wants optional buffs that can assist them into battle.

  • Fire Blast - In place of Ballistic Battery if one wants an ability to help with stripping armor and provides minimal CC.

  • Blood Alter - In place of Ballistic Battery in the Wanted and Big Boss Builds if one wants a way to Regen Health for themselves or the Team.

  • Terrify - In place of Ballistic Battery in the Wanted and Big Boss Builds if one wants an ability to help with stripping armor and provides a Moderate amount of CC

Arcane Synergy

  • Arcane Energize - Upon Energy Pickup, 60% chance to replenish Energy to nearby allies.

  • Arcane Grace - Upon Health being Damaged, 9% chance for 6% Health Regen for 9 seconds.

  • Arcane Victory - Upon Headshot Kill, 75% chance for 3% Health Regen for 9 seconds.

  • Arcane Guardian - Upon being Damaged, 15% chance for 900 Armor for 20 seconds.

  • Arcane Nullifier - Which provides a 102% chance to resist a Magnetic Status Effect entirely.

  • Arcane Velocity - On Critical Hit, 90% chance for 120% Fire Rate to Pistols for 9 seconds. (Used to increase DPS for Mesa's Regulators.)

  • Arcane Precision - On Headshot, 100% chance for 300% damage to pistols for 18 seconds. (Used to increase Base Damage for [Mesa]'s [Regulators].)


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