Caliban: Breach Surge/Expedite Suffering/Sickening Pulse - Combo Nuke

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This is Caliban, the survivor, the adaptor, and heir to the twin kingdoms of biological and Sentient life. Free him from the aberrant path he was consigned to by his creator: Erra.




60 / 60


Damage Reduction
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Caliban: Breach Surge/Expedite Suffering/Sickening Pulse - Combo Nuke

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Caliban Gameplay Guide

[Caliban] is a strong offensive support frame who can use Sentient Wrath and Fusion strike to cripple enemy defenses. His own defense relies on mild aggro generation from Lethal Progeny which synergizes with his passive that grants a weaker form of [Adaptation] to himself and his allies. He's weak to enemies that are immune to abilities as he doesn't have an innate weapon buff and his kit isn't great for completing objectives.

📝 Build Overview 📝

This build focuses on his strengths by turning his offensive support abilities into nuke supports. Sentient Wrath and Fusion Strike cripple enemies and any area of effect attack can finish them off. Helminth abilities are added to make the nuke more efficient with a wider range of weapons.

🔢 Helminth Options 🔢

Razor [Gyre] struggles to make up for the severe restrictions it has while it's being channeled and should be replaced.

Breach Surge significantly boosts your damage and synergizes with the crippled defenses of enemies.

Expedite Suffering allows Slash or Toxin procs to burst down enemies that are already weakened by your abilities.

Sickening Pulse boosts the efficiency of any status proc and allows the damaging ones to double dip on your damage buffs.

Other abilities are decent but provide a lot of redundancy due to the existence of operator mode, average loadout combinations, and the previously mentioned options.

📊 Ability Stats 📊

Strength should be at least 200% while other stats are balanced to keep all abilities usable.

Helminth Invigorations, Arbitration Buffs, Ally Abilities, Arcanes, and other external stat boosts can save you multiple mod slots but may rely on specific team compositions, loadouts, or sheer luck. Plan around these situations and modify your loadout to hit desired ability stat breakpoints.

⏲️ Duration ⏲️

Duration is kept above average so that Fusion Strike, Sentient Wrath, and subsumed abilities don't require constant recasting. Enemies should be dying quick enough that some inefficient recasts may be necessary so too much investment isn't advised.

⛽ Efficiency ⛽

[Primed Flow] gives you a significant buffer to use your abilities. Fusion Strike has a fallout zone that can be spammed to cover more areas so even a high Efficiency build can become expensive depending on your playstyle and the size of the tileset.

📏 Range 📏

Range allows your abilities to cover a larger area but it has some mild negative synergy with Sentient Wrath as it can't be recast until all waves dissipate at their maximum distance or on an enemy. Maximum investment isn't advised.

💪 Strength 💪

Strength needs to be at least 200% for Fusion Strike to fully strip armor and shields from enemies. Even a few less percentage points can causes enemies to take several more casts to fully strip their defenses. Use any combination of mods to hit this threshold.

↔️ Alternate Playstyles ↔️

Most builds utilize tools that can be swapped out to serve the same purpose albeit in a different manner. The following suggestions are an outline and aren't exhaustive.

🔧 Mods 🔧

  • Growing Power is necessary to hit the Strength thresholds in this build but it can be replaced if you do it in another way.
  • [Primed Sure Footed] is a powerful survival tool that completely negates many forms of hostile crowd control. It also allows weapons with a large area of effect to be fired with impunity. It's an expensive login reward so replace it if you have other forms of status effect immunity.
  • Natural Talent is useful for spamming all of your abilities but it can be cut if you're using a more conservative playstyle.
  • Rolling Guard is a great survival tool but it can be a bit overkill on low level missions.

⚙️ Arcanes ⚙️

Arcane Energize pairs well with [Primed Flow] and allows you to be extremely greedy with your ability casts. It can be replaced if you're confident with your energy economy or you're playing with an ally Warframe that provides energy.

Arcane Aegis synergizes with Lethal Progeny to grant [Caliban] a very long shield gate. This is far less useful in lower level missions and can be replaced if you don't trust the high proc RNG.

📋 Final Notes 📋

[Caliban]'s Adaptive Armor doesn't stack with [Adaptation]. This makes it far less useful on ally Warframes as [Adaptation] is a fairly popular mod. It is useful for NPC allies which includes the summoned Conculysts from Lethal Progeny.

Sentient Wrath puts a Lift proc on enemies which can be annoying when trying to capitalize on the increased damage. Using Fusion Strike will bring them back down to the ground with the damage vulnerability still intact.

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🛑 Disclaimers 🛑

This build may make certain assumptions about mechanics that can change after a patch. Multiple unnecessary forma may be used to facilitate more options across multiple builds with one polarity plan. Certain sub-optimal mods may be run to fit them into the forma polarity plan. We do not make builds that purposely attempt to abuse mechanics that aren't intended by the developers. None of these previous statements are excuses for a fundamentally incorrect build and we ask that you please contact us when we're wrong. We do not consent to anyone other than the original author of this guide posting it without permission.