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Mag Goddess - The Mag Build to Rule them All

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The exquisite Mag Prime offers the same abilities as Mag but with unique mod polarities for greater customization.




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Mag Goddess - The Mag Build to Rule them All

Heya, I'm wynnie, my ign is 'bnuy'. I'm a mag main (basically one-trick?) with ~3,000 hours on Mag alone. She's my favourite frame, I adore her fashion, her play-style, and her theme. I'm here today to teach y'all everything you need to know about [Mag]! I've taken a look around, watched every single Mag guide on Youtube, peeked around here... Honestly quite saddened at the lack of quality and explanation / understanding by all of the Youtubers and guide creators. So here I am, to bring you the [Mag] guide to rule them all. Sit back, grab a nice cup of tea, and get your brain sponge ready to succ.

Before I get to the build, I have recently created an entirely new overframe build for Archon [Mag]. If you wish to have a build that incorporates the new Archon Shard mechanic then head on over to the link below and you can find the other build in all it's glory.

Archon Mag Goddess -

Mag's Abilities

Passive: Pulls in nearby loot on bullet jump.

1.) Pull: Quick one-handed crowd control ability.
Pulls all enemies from the target direction towards [Mag], used when in a pinch to quickly knock all the enemies down allowing you a bit of breathing room.

2.) Magnetize: Crowd control / enemy denial and area damage.
Use to create a magnetic bubble around the target enemy, this bubble will pull in all nearby enemies as well as absorb all weapon's fire. A portion of absorbed projectile/hit-scan weaponry damage is added to the bubble as tick damage.

3.) Polarize: Support / defensive tool.
Strips a flat amount of enemy shields and armour while dealing damage, or replenishes ally shields, to anyone caught in the growing bubble.

4.) Crush: Area crowd control.
Suspends and deals damage to all enemies caught inside. Replenishes shields to all allies in range for each enemy hit. Can grant over-shields.

Section Summary:

  • Pull and Crush for crowd control
  • Polarize and Crush to replenish ally shields
  • Magnetize for main damage output
  • Subsume over Pull in all cases (unless you prefer otherwise for some strange reason)

Mag's Augments

  • [Greedy Pull]; good for niche builds, but really not all that useful outside of camping with say a Nekros for a specific loot farm or whatever.

  • [Magnetized Discharge]; absolutely essential for any Mag build that relies on her bubble. This augment gives a significant amount of range, as well as allowing you to re-cast to prematurely detonate any bubble. This can be used to re-organize your bubbles, since you can only have three at a time, and casting any when you have three active will remove the oldest one.

  • [Counter Pulse]; fantastic crowd control augment. Great if you need extra survivability, but I personally dislike it for the fact that it stops enemies in their tracks. Less enemies running towards me means less enemies for me to kill, and that's no fun!

  • [Fracturing Crush]; wide area crowd control with the potential for full armour stripping. There are many ways to deal with armour, but this is the most effective if you want to rely on her Magnetize damage. It is less useful until the enemy armour really scales up like in Steel Path, as [Mag]'s damage is so immense she can just ignore lower armour units and brute force them with raw damage.

Mag's Needed Stats?

  • Duration;
    Duration is helpful but you don't need to stack much of it. Pull and Crush do not benefit from duration at all, however your Magnetize damage per second scales up constantly until it expires, meaning more duration affords you time to scale the bubble exponentially higher.

  • Efficiency;
    Efficiency is incredibly important on [Mag], as she's a caster frame. She is required to be constantly casting her abilities, supporting allies all the while dealing the most damage on the team. For this reason stacking lots of efficiency is very beneficial, while also allowing you to ignore building for your energy pool. Less energy per cast means energy orbs are more efficient in the long run, and this is a much better way to play than low efficiency but with a high energy pool.

  • Range;
    Range is without a doubt the most important stat. More range means a larger radius on Pull for better crowd control, while also granting you more shields per cast of Crush, and finally making the Magnetize bubble cover more space. Magnetize blocks all incoming enemy gunfire, and can be effectively used as a shield while also dealing damage. For these reasons Range is the most effective way to increase your survivability and damage output in one stat.

  • Strength;
    Strength is important for this build due to the fact it utilizes [Fracturing Crush] for armour strip. This augment permanently strips enemy armour regardless of ability duration, and can fully strip them with only a meager 134% ability strength, making this [Mag]'s ability strength sweet spot. Normally without [Fracturing Crush] for armour strip, [Mag] benefits from strength to a very minor degree, allowing her to almost entirely ignore it in her other Magnetize builds. Since we choose to utilize that mod for this build though, her sweet spot in this instance is 134% strength, as opposed to only needing 50%+ ability strength.

Section Summary:

  • Range is essential
  • Efficiency and Duration are very good
  • Strength is wanted at 134%, no more no less.



If you are okay with using a Madurai / ' V ' polarity in the Aura slot, you can get away with one less Forma in this build. Personally I dislike playing without [Enemy Radar] as I [Hate] not being able to effectively find clusters of enemies to nuke.

The choice is yours!


As with the new changes to this build to accommodate [Fracturing Crush] and it's strength requirement, the Zenurik focus tree has become basically essential to this build. This means we no longer have the option to run Unairu with this build to grant knockdown immunity, so for this reason the build has been reverted to having [Primed Sure Footed] in the Exilus slot.

If you lack [Primed Sure Footed], you may fill this slot with the mod of your choice, however I would not recommend running without [Primed Sure Footed] if you do have access to it.

Base Mods

Most of the mods in this build are necessary to make her function well, so all of the options for customization will come at a cost/

Energy Issues: If you find yourself constantly running low on energy then I would suggest you replace either [Stretch] or [Natural Talent] with [Fleeting Expertise] or the [Spectrosiphon] augment, which would of course require [Gara]'s Subsume.

[Spectrosiphon]: This augment allows you to create a ring around your Magnetize bubbles that gives enemies an additional 50% drop chance for Energy Orbs. In effect, your Magnetize bubbles have now become energy generators. It's an incredibly helpful augment and ability that should alleviate any energy issues you're having so long as you cast it in the correct spots.

Survivability: If you are having issues staying alive with this build then you have the option of replacing either [Stretch] or [Natural Talent] with [Rolling Guard] or [Counter Pulse].

[Rolling Guard]: This mod allows you to cleanse all status effects and receive a short burst of invincibility upon rolling, with a short cooldown to balance it out.

It's also possible to combine multiple of these build tweaks at once to reach a highly customized final build.


  • Arcane Aegis (Goddess' Preference): a great tool for survivability. When active, it renders you immune to death except via toxin damage, as the constant shield regeneration will perpetually refresh your shield-gate.

  • Molt Efficiency (Goddess' Preference): a great tool for increasing your bubble duration. It's incredibly easy to keep Mag's shields topped off, and with this Arcane having them topped off makes you even stronger!

  • Arcane Energize: the standard, makes it only take a single orb to fill your entire energy pool. Incredibly convenient.

  • Arcane Pistoleer: infinite ammo with all weapons upon headshot kill, abusable by proccing then swapping to Exergis to spam into bubbles.

  • Arcane [Rage]: fantastic for a primary focused build (like Exergis). Increases primary weapon damage output, which in turn means more bubble damage. It's simple stonks really.

  • Arcane Precision fantastic for a side-arm focused build. Massive damage boost which also means more bubble damage, who doesn't like damage?

  • Arcane Arachne similar to the two above, except more versatile. Unlike the Arcanes above, this one can be used with Breach Surge to synergize. Damage damage damage.

Weapon Loadout

[Mag]'s Magnetize damage relies in large part on her guns' damage output, meaning your weapon choice is incredibly important, and is equally as important as mod choice.

The reason weapons are so important is because in general [Mag] relies on her Magnetize ability for damage, and it's damage is a percentage of absorbed gunfire. This means to maximize your potential Magnetize DPS you need to optimize your weapons to synergize well with her kit.

Magnetize absorbs 25.0% of all incoming gunfire and projectile damage, this amount is split up over two ticks every second. There are however some rules to the damage it can absorb.

  • As the bubble uses "object health" it entirely ignores the damage bonus from critical hits, meaning you want high raw damage.
  • As it only absorbs direct damage, explosions and on hit effects are not counted.
  • Projectile weapons benefit more than hit-scan weaponry.
  • Punch Through on projectiles can allow them to hit dozens of times per shot.

Ideal Magnetize Weapons:

  • high raw damage (non-crit, non-on hit)
  • projectile
  • punch through

[Akbronco Prime] (Goddess' Preference)
My absolute guilty pleasure, I never leave the Orbiter without her by my side. This weapon's strongest build relies on the Entrati augment mod, [Damzav-Vati], which grants a whopping 240% viral damage. While this weapon isn't a projectile, and has no punch through, it's the highest raw burst damage of any weapon that works with Magnetize. This means it can make a Magnetize deal significantly more damage per second than any other weapon, allowing it to instantly evaporate enemy simply upon touching them (unless they have armour).

My newest guilty pleasure with [Mag], I love everything about this weapon, and [Mag] only amplifies how incredible it is. This weapon with a Devouring Attrition build ticks all of the boxes for being a great Magnetize weapon. Along with the fact it's a perfect match, it also has two different swappable firing modes. The alternate mode is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen inside of her bubbles. It has incredibly high punch through and is effectively a minigun in this mode, absolutely melting anything that gets sucked into Magnetize.

This is without a doubt one of the most powerful weapons for [Mag]. It has high base damage, no crit reliance, infinite enemy punch through, and is a projectile weapon. It fits all of the criteria for being an ideal Magnetize weapon, and it sure shows it.

[Tenet Arca Plasmor]
This weapon sits among the best. [Exergis] has higher single target damage and bubble buffing power, while Plasmor has a much wider range and is guaranteed to hit everything inside the bubble. Plasmor is best for using as a slash ([Hunter Munitions]) weapon to kill armoured enemies within the bubble, as it falls behind in bubble buffing power when compared to other top picks.

[Secura Penta]
This weapon is a top pick however the playstyle is more niche. The weapon deploys grenades that only detonate on command, and these little grenades during this time of being deployed will deal a small amount of damage whenever they hit an enemy. They last an infinite duration and never expire if you choose not to detonate them, meaning they can be used essentially as a permanent orb of death for any bubble that picks one up. Just plop down a bubble, shoot in a grenade, and watch it blend! - Damage - Status

[Tenet Detron]
This is essentially a pocket [Exergis]. High raw damage and a projectile, though while it doesn't have punch through like [Exergis], you can easily slap some on with mods. Due to it being a projectile it has more effective area damage inside of the bubble than something like Akbronco Prime. Another result of this however is that it is much weaker against non-armoured enemies, as it has less bubble buffing power.

Helminth Subsumes

[Mag] has a wonderful kit, but her 1, Pull, isn't actually that great in the grand scheme. Sure it can be used to CC enemies in a large area, but you can already do that with her 2 and her 4. For this reason I usually opt to subsume out Pull for another, more useful ability. Due to [Mag]'s versatility, she can benefit from a very large amount of the Subsumable abilities, but there are a few that shine beyond the rest. In this section I'll go over all the top Subsumes for [Mag], and why they are as effective as they are.

With this build Mag already has powerful crowd control, enemy grouping, DPS, and decent survivability if you abuse shield-gate effectively. This is why her Subsume is very reliant on your preference, there is no one Subsumable ability that every Mag player would want to use.

  • Breach Surge (Goddess' Choice): This is an amazing tool for pumping your DPS into levels that simply shouldn't be allowed.
    How It Works:
    Breach Surge works by blinding enemies, and then priming them with a debuff. This debuff gives a percentage chance to create a projectile "spark" when the affected enemies take damage. This spark's damage is a modified version of the incoming damage the enemy just received, meaning it scales with your damage, but also with enemy armour. These sparks have a chance to proc every time a debuffed enemy takes damage, meaning even the DOT effect of Magnetize can trigger new sparks. This leads to an infinite loop of scaling damage.
    Example: You prime an enemy with Breach Surge and it gets pulled into your Magnetize bubble. Now each time it takes damage from the bubble it has a chance to make a spark, and this spark will then increase the damage of the bubble, and this just repeats forever so long as primed enemies are alive in your bubble.

  • Spectrorage (Goddess' Choice): This is an incredible subsume allowing infinite energy generation, but at the cost of a mod slot for the Augment.
    How It Works:
    Spectrorage creates a ring of mirrors around the cast locations, these mirrors lure enemies in and draw aggro. The key point of using this ability is the Augment, [Spectrosiphon]. This augment grants a high chance for any enemy that dies within the ring to drop an energy orb. Since your Magnetize is sucking in enemies constantly and killing them, this allows for incredible synergy of turning them into energy generators.
    Example: You cast Magnetize on an enemy then immediately place Spectrorage inside the bubble. A group of enemies gets sucked in and you fire your Exergis, killing them all instantly, and dropping a few energy orbs in the process.

  • Smite: This is a powerful tool for buffing your Magnetize damage, but isn't as effective at low levels.
    How It Works:
    Smite works by creating a number of damaging projectiles that seek out nearby enemies. The damage of these projectiles does not scale with strength, and is only based on the enemy's max health and shields. This means the more health and shields an enemy has, the more damage these projectiles deal. Since these are projectiles, they can also add a portion of their damage to Magnetize, allowing it to deal incredible amounts of damage at higher levels, with minimal effort.
    Example: You place a Magnetize bubble in a choke-point, enemies are now flooding into it. Staring at the hapless enemies, you now begin to spam Smite on them. Each time you cast Smite it buffs your Magnetize damage a significant amount, allowing it to shred through the enemies with ease.

  • Mind Control: A wonderful tool to drag along a helper that can fill your Magnetize bubbles with damage, they also scale with level.
    How It Works:
    Mind Control converts any enemy you can cast it on to an ally. Since enemies scale with level, and their damage can [Reach] some ridiculous numbers, this allows you to in turn redirect the insane enemy DPS back at them.
    Example: You take over a Heavy Gunner at level 500 on a Steel Path endurance run, now it's pumping millions of damage into your Magnetize bubbles every second.

  • Gloom: This wouldn't be a proper Subsume section without the wonderful survivability tool, Gloom.
    How It Works: Gloom creates a slowly expanding bubble that buffs all allies and debuffs all enemies inside. Allies inside will gain lifesteal, while enemies are slowed. This allows you to stay alive through the combination of large scale crowd control, as well as lifesteal when you're in a pinch.
    Example: N/A.

Focus Tree: Zenurik

With the recent update to [Fracturing Crush], you now actually want a degree of strength on [Mag]. As a result of this, the build has been updated to accommodate the augment.

Among these accommodations was sacrificing some of the efficiency for strength, which means the build has worse energy management and now may sometimes run into energy issues. Zenurik is the ideal choice for that reason, using it's Wellspring ability to grant yourself immense energy regeneration whenever you need.

If you are able to manage without Zenurik then you are more than free to run your focus tree of choice, but I highly recommend this tree so you are never caught with your pants down!

How to Survive

Part 1: Don't get hit!

[Mag] has lots of tools as her disposal to allow you to keep yourself, or even your allies, in peak condition.

First and foremost, she has her bubbles to use as shields. You want to keep all three of your Magnetize bubbles active at all times, then position yourself between them and the areas enemies are attacking you from. These bubbles will prevent any enemy gunfire from reaching you, as it will instead be absorbed by the bubbles. Along with this the bubbles will also suck in any enemies that get near and deal damage to them each half second. A strong offense and effective defense all wrapped up in one nifty little ability.

Along with her bubbles, you are able to use her plentiful access to strong crowd control. [Mag]'s first ability, Pull, as well as her fourth ability, Crush, will keep the feet of your enemies off the ground, thus preventing them from attacking you.

Part 2: Shields and Shieldgating (Decaying Dragon Key!)

Those are the ways to keep the enemies from attacking you, but they will occasionally be able to hit you by getting past your bubbles, the first line of defense. When this happens she has other tools to keep herself alive.

Whenever your shields are depleted, you will be granted a period of invincibility, called the "Shieldgate". The duration of your Shieldgate depends on if your shields were fully recharged since last depletion.

If your shields reached 100% since last depletion, then you are granted a full 1.3 seconds of "Shieldgate".
If your shields were only partially charged, then you instead get 0.33 seconds of Shieldgate.

So as you can imagine, this Shieldgate would be a very good mechanic to exploit for staying alive in a pinch, except you want the full 1.3s as opposed to the 0.33s.

You always want your shields to be at 100% between shield-breaks for the full 1.3s Shieldgate duration, meaning you also want abilities that replenish shields to give 100% of your shields in one cast. If you have less shields you're able to replenish them with less ability strength, and less total ability casts. Following this logic, you want to minimize your total shield capacity so that every cast of Polarize and Crush, even with low ability strength, will always give the full 1.3s Shieldgate.

This brings me to my next point, the Decaying Dragon Key. This gear item reduces your total shields by 75% for simply having it equipped, meaning it lowers your 450 unmodded shield value down to 113. Having 450 shields you need to actually build for ability strength to fully replenish shields in one Polarize cast, or you can cast multiple times with low ability strength. However if you reduce the total shields you have to only 113 then you can replenish them in a single cast, even with only 80% ability strength.

Since Shieldgate duration is based off of your total shields excluding overshields, this means you can still replenish your full overshields with Crush, and end up at 1300 shields. You can do this while keeping your Shieldgate low enough to refresh with a single cast of Polarize.

Part 3: Modding

If you are having trouble staying alive despite all of this, jump back up to the modding section and take a look at the survivability choices shown.

Section Summary: Use your bubbles and crowd control to keep enemies from hitting you, when you get hit use your shield replenishing abilities (Polarize or Crush) to reset your Shieldgate. Can substitute some for Rolling Guard or similar survivability mods if needed, but that's really all there is to it.

How To Play / Playstyle

There are two main distinctions to make, enemy type, and playstyle.

Your enemy type depends on if enemies have armour, so they are either Armoured or Unarmoured.
Your playstyle depends on your preference, whatever you find more fun. The playstyles as I like to call them are Active or Lazy.

If you are against armoured units you will want a slash capable projectile weapon, like [Exergis] or [Tenet Arca Plasmor]. These weapons are ideal as the projectiles themselves are capable of directly hitting enemies dozens of times thanks to the way the bubble works. You will place bubbles and wait for enemies to cluster up in them, then feel free to unload and [Shred] them with your slash based weaponry!

Armoured Demonstration: [ youtube id="" ]

If you are against unarmoured units you will want to prioritize pumping raw DPS into your Magnetize bubbles. This means after you place down a bubble you will want to unload a magazine or so from something like your [Akbronco Prime]. This will add hundreds of thousands of damage to your bubble's damage over time effect, meaning it will instantly kill anything without armour that touches it.

Unarmoured Demonstration: [ youtube id="" ]

Active Play

Active play revolves around finding a room or area that you and your squad are happy to chill, and vibing there. When you are in a room you want to be mindful of the areas enemies mainly [Flow] in from, so I normally pinpoint the three most used doors and place bubbles down in these. You will just keep your bubbles active in the main choke points for enemies, and then kill them appropriately depending on if they have armour or not. You will basically just be juggling bubbles in the main chokepoints while you jump around and kill things, it's quite pleasant.

Lazy Play

This style of play revolves primarily around corner camping. You want to find a good spot with a dead end, like a hallway, and then park yourself in the back of it. Once there, you will place a single bubble in the only hallway leading to you, the only area enemies can funnel through. Once you've got your bubble set up, blast away! It's really this simple. Just remember, always keep a bubble active, that's what keeps you alive and keeps you dealing damage.

So basically, here are the few key things to focus on while playing Mag.

  • Always have your maximum of 3 Magnetize bubbles active at any given time.

  • Position yourself with the bubbles between you and the enemies, to use them as cover.

  • Cast your 3 when your shields are broken, to reset your shield-gate. Can also use 4 which CC's enemies as well as shield-gate resets, but has higher energy cost.

  • Cast 4 to crowd control and knock down a room, allowing free time to res allies or just for a second to breathe.

  • Cast 4 to grant allies overshields, topping them up, granting them a bit more EHP.

Closing Notes:

This is a general use build. There are not many situations where I would suggest other builds, but if you are planning to bring [Mag] into something like Elite Sanctuary Onslaught then you can find a build below suited to that type of mission below. - ESO Nuker [Mag]

I appreciate you all reading this and sincerely hope it's helped. I love playing [Mag] and wanted to spread the joy!

As an aside, I am very into game design and have spent countless hours writing Warframe Rebalance concepts. Long story short, I wrote an in depth Mag Mini-rework/Rebalance! It's over on the Warframe forums which I will provide a link to below this. If you want to support me in my journey to improve Warframe, or even just Mag herself, then feel free to head on over and like it or drop feedback in the comments! - Mag Mini-rework

Your time is absolutely appreciated Tenno, I just hope I was able to give you something in return for it!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away!