Banshee Prime

Banshee: Rest & Rage/Ensnare/Lull - Stealth Affinity

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Banshee Prime assails her foes by manipulating sonic forces to deadly effect. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.




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Banshee: Rest & Rage/Ensnare/Lull - Stealth Affinity

Adaro Gameplay Guide

Adaro refers to an Exterminate mission on Sedna with the same name. Chained stealth kills can be used on this mission to quickly level many different kinds of items. There are several ways to chain Stealth kills and the decision to run different variants is going to heavily rely on what type of item you're trying to level.

📝 Build Overview 📝

Adaro can be done solo but some weapons are so weak that they require assistance. This build is designed to be the Sherpa for another player who can't chain Stealth Affinity kills for various reasons.

[Banshee] has more tools than any other frame when it comes to farming Stealth affinity kills either solo or for another player. Silence is a meta Adaro option on other frames due to its relative ease of use at low ranks but it can be used to level loud items on Banshee herself. Gunblades and Arch-guns can even be made silent by her passive without needing to cast Silence. All of these scenarios make her a better option than any other frame when it comes to carrying another player through Adaro.

🔢 Helminth Options 🔢

Replace the worst ability on your frame that isn't a buff. This usually applies to your first ability and this also allows you to use this build from level 0 if you choose to do solo frame leveling.

Rest from Rest & [Rage] is the quickest ability to keep enemies unalerted. The radius of each cast is fairly small but spamming the ability key while looking around the room can get around the issue. Insure that you're using the proper primary emission color so that Rest is equipped rather than [Rage].

Ensnare locks enemies in their current alert state while pulling them together. This has more range than Rest but it's usually slower. It can also have some issues with tile geometry which can force you to cast it multiple times, defeating the purpose of its benefits over Rest.

Lull can reset the alert state of enemies with an extremely low Duration build. It's the safest but the slowest option. Geometry issues can also neuter it on some tiles.

📊 Ability Stats 📊

Range and Efficiency are the primary stats. Duration is tweaked depending on the skill level of the individual leveling their items and the chosen subsumed ability.

Helminth Invigorations, Arbitration Buffs, Ally Abilities, Arcanes, and other external stat boosts can save you multiple mod slots but may rely on specific team compositions, loadouts, or sheer luck. Plan around these situations and modify your loadout to hit desired ability stat breakpoints.

⏲️ Duration ⏲️

Duration should be high enough for Rest and Ensnare but it can be increased if you're having issues. Lull wants minimum duration by cutting Primed Continuity for Transient Fortitude.

⛽ Efficiency ⛽

Efficiency is maxed out so that Rest and other Adaro support abilities are cheap enough to spam throughout the mission. Energizing Dash from the Zenurik focus school should be enough to keep your energy topped off but Primed Flow and Preparation can be slotted over flex mods if you're still having issues.

📏 Range 📏

Range is maxed so that Rest and other Adaro support abilities hit more enemies farther away from the casting area. This makes Stealth chains more consistent and the only mod that could feasibly be dropped is Cunning Drift.

💪 Strength 💪

Strength is nearly useless unless one of your other Adaro support abilities needs it. This is only done when you're using weak weapons with only a few mods on them as they need higher damage to kill enemies in one hit. Sonar on Banshee is one of those examples.

↔️ Alternate Playstyles ↔️

Most builds utilize tools that can be swapped out to serve the same purpose albeit in a different manner. The following suggestions are an outline and aren't exhaustive.

🔧 Mods 🔧

  • [Enemy Radar] helps you to find enemies on any frame. Sonar technically fills this role but it doesn't instantly detect enemies near you like the Enemy Radar mods. Only relying on Sonar can allow some enemies to sneak past your original cast.
  • [Primed Sure Footed] is a powerful survival tool that completely negates many forms of hostile crowd control. It also allows weapons with a large area of effect to be fired with impunity. It's an expensive login reward so replace it if you have other forms of status effect immunity.
  • [Fleeting Expertise] can be replaced if you're relying entirely on Arcane Energize procs for bursts of energy back. This gives you back Duration if you're having issues with enemies breaking free from crowd control effects. Primed Flow would be the call to balance out the energy economy.
  • [Savage Silence] slightly changes the stun animation so that enemies can more easily be chained into Stealth kills with any weapon. Using Finishers isn't necessary as we're using it entirely for the additional stun properties.

⚙️ Arcanes ⚙️

Arcane Energize synergizes with high Efficiency or [Primed Flow] which allows you to be greedy with your ability casts. It can be replaced if you're confident with your energy economy. Offensive arcanes like Arcane [Rage] or Arcane [Fury] can allow you to instantly kill enemies more easily.

Arcane Consequence provides a great movement bonus through additional parkour velocity. Weapons with proper mods and decent base damage can use this to kill enemies with headshots and transition to the next room with ease. It should be replaced when using weaker weapons with Offensive Arcanes like Arcane [Rage], Arcane Fury, Arcane Precision, or any other appropriate damage boosting arcane tied to the weapon that you're leveling.

📋 Final Notes 📋

The polarity plan on this build fits with the main [Banshee] builds as to not confuse players who are navigating our [Banshee] setups. The exact polarization needed is minimal on any frame as most mods are fairly cheap. The intent of this build on other frames is to be used from level 0 so your options may vary.

[Banshee] is the suggested frame but this build won't work the same way on every other frame. Her passive ability silences all weapons so you may need to add noise canceling mods or play with a [Banshee] using Silence for this build to work on other frames. Archguns and Amps do not currently have noise canceling mods so they shine with Silence being used on [Banshee] or any other frame.

Rest, Ensnare, and Lull can be used at level 0 but the range of each ability will be terrible. The only ability that would feasibly work is Rest as you can just spam the ability more often but realize that this may significantly dampen your consistency on some frames.

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🏆 Credits 🏆

  • NICHE - Developed tools that made generating builds far easier.
  • Dragazer - Helped to clarify certain melee interactions.
  • Marr - Helped with proofreading original build format.
  • Voltage - Suggested mod combinations.
  • Taiepii - Suggested alternate mod combinations.
  • Fz0ul - Optimized overarching polarity plans to save forma.
  • Dystopia - Tested several strategies to the level cap.

🛑 Disclaimers 🛑

This build may make certain assumptions about mechanics that can change after a patch. Multiple unnecessary forma may be used to facilitate more options across multiple builds with one polarity plan. Certain sub-optimal mods may be run to fit them into the forma polarity plan. We do not make builds that purposely attempt to abuse mechanics that aren't intended by the developers. None of these previous statements are excuses for a fundamentally incorrect build and we ask that you please contact us when we're wrong. We do not consent to anyone other than the original author of this guide posting it without permission.