Zephyr Prime

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode

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Take to the skies with this golden bird of destruction.




60 / 60


Damage Reduction
Zephyr Prime builds
Builds by THeMooN85

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode

Hello there,


I'm so glad you guys don't like and don't play [Zephyr] (Prime)... she is so underrated, so unpopular, that the fact she is the strongest Warframe in the entire game make me simply happy, because I can be sure she is not going to be nerfed soon.

So yeah... the fewer people use Zephyr, the better :D


  • always keep her Turbulence active
  • cast Airburst to group your enemies
  • cast Tornado, shoot tornados you just created, watch enemies simply dies
  • use Tail Wind whenever you want to move fast or simply fly
  • combine her skills, fly around, pull enemies into tornados, shoot tornados, be the MVP, that never dies

Attributes & Abilities:

In this build I got "negative" Strength, because playstyle I present you here does not need Strength, all her damage comes from weapons fired into her tornados
High Range is here mainly for two reasons, first is pull radius for her Airburst, and the second reason is to keep you safe from AoE damage when Turbulence is active
You can keep Efficiency neutral. It's up to you
Try to balance with your Duration between 150-250%, it will help you maintain your Turbulence uptime, your Tail Wind speed and travel, hover in the air efficiency, as always higher Duration means longer timers, means better Efficiency

Flexible mods: replace Augur Message or Streamline with Funnel Clouds or Target Fixation (use weapons with Electricity/Gas Elementals)
Optional: [Archon Vitality] is here to doubles Heat procs for abilities that can inflict them (use with Heat Inherit weapons), you can replace this completely optional mod with Rolling Guard for Status Clean and i-frames

Aura Slot:

Suggested Aura Forma, so that it can be changed, when needed.

  • Aerodynamic - Increases Aim Glide/Wall Latch duration. Reduces damage taken while Airborne.
  • Brief Respite - Grants Shields equal to a % of Energy spent while Overshields are inactive.
  • Corrosive Projection - Reduces enemy armor.
  • Enemy Radar - Pinpoints enemy locations on mini-map.
  • Energy Siphon - Provides constant Energy regeneration.
  • Sprint Boost - Increases sprinting speed.

Exilus Slot:

Must be unlocked with an Exilus Adapter.

  • NONE - if there is no such need, then there is no point in unlocking the slot.
  • Agility Drift Reduces damage taken while airborne and reduces enemy accuracy when targeting the player.
  • Aviator - Reduces damage taken while airborne for the player.
  • Cunning Drift - Increases slide, reduces friction and increases Ability Range.
  • Endurance Drift - Increases Maximum Energy and parkour velocity.
  • Handspring - Speeds up a Warframe's knock-down recovery rate.
  • Rush - Increases the speed at which a Warframe moves while sprinting.
  • Speed Drift - Increases sprint speed and casting speed.
  • Stealth Drift - Increases enemy detection on the mini-map and Aim Glide and Wall Latch time.
  • (Primed) Sure Footed - Increases a Warframe's chance to resist knockdown.
    Primed version is exclusive to the Daily Tribute system. It will become available at first at day 400. TAKE IT!!!
  • Vigilante Pursuit - Displays all enemies within its radius with red markers on the mini-map.

Warframe Arcane Enhancements:

  • Arcane Aegis - On Shield Damaged, 3% chance for +30% Shield Recharge for 12s.
  • Arcane Barrier - On Shield Damaged, 6% chance to instantly restore all Shields, 6s cooldown.
  • Arcane Deflection - Passive, +102% chance to resist a Slash Damage effect.
  • Arcane Energize - On Energy Pickup, 60% chance to replenish 150 Energy to self and allies within 15m. 15s cooldown.
  • Arcane Eruption - On Energy Pickup, 100% chance to Knockdown nearby enemies.
  • Arcane Ice - Passive, +102% chance to resist a Heat Damage effect.
  • Arcane Nullifier - Passive, +102% chance to resist a Magnetic Damage effect.
  • Arcane Resistance - Passive, +102% chance to resist a Toxin Damage effect.
  • Molt Efficiency - While Shields are Active, Gain 6% Ability Duration per second, up to a maximum of 36%.

Archon Shards:

  • Crimson Archon Shards (RED):
    +10% (+15%) Ability Duration
  • Amber Archon Shards (YELLOW):
    +30% (+45%) Maximum Energy is filled on Spawn
    +50% (+75%) Effectiveness on Energy Orbs
    +25% (+37.5%) Casting Speed
  • Azure Archon Shards (BLUE):
    +50 (+75) Energy Max

Focus School:

  • Madurai:
    Power Transfer - 50% Casting Speed on switching to Warframe.
    Sling Strength - Switching to Warframe after a Chained Sling adds 40% Ability Strength for 20s.
  • Vazarin:
    Void Snare - Ability launches a projectile that spins up a vortex trap on impact, or tap 2 again to detonate in-flight. Trap lasts 8s.
    Protective Sling - Allies touched by Void Sling are granted immunity from damage for 5s and healed 60% over 5s for 10 energy cost.
  • Naramon:
    Power Spike - Melee Combo Counter now decays while out of combat by 5 every few seconds, instead of depleting completely.
  • Unairu: <= my personal choice, Zephyr does not have any ability to strip armor
    Poise - Gain immunity to slow, stagger, and knockdown effects for 40s after transferring between Operator or Warframe.
    Magnetic Flare - Use your first Ability to create a 8m radius field that lasts for 30s and disables the shields of any enemy that enters it.
    Caustic Strike - Second Ability launches an energy bomb that explodes with a 8m radius, stripping 100% of enemy armor. Tap 2 again to detonate in-flight.
  • Zenurik:
    Energy Pulse - Energy pickups grant 50 % additional energy over 5s.
    Wellspring - First Ability creates a well of energy for 8s. Allies passing through the well gain 5 Energy/s for 30s. Use your first Ability inside a Wellspring to increase its size, boost its duration by 20s, and grant 20% Ability Strength to those inside.
    Temporal Drag - Second Ability emits a radial burst, slowing any enemy it touches by 80% for 10s.

Helminth Subsumable Abilities:

  • Rebuild Shields - Instantly restore your shields.
  • Hideous Resistance - Grant yourself immunity to Status effects.
  • Sickening Pulse - Emit a pulse that adds stacks to Status Effects already afflicting enemies, except Bleed, Heat, and Toxin effects which are duplicated with fresh timers.
  • Silence - with augment Savage Silence, Damage Debuff, Disable Enemy Abilities, Stealth.
  • Spectrorage - with augment Spectrosiphon, Crowd Control, Energy Restore.
  • Ensnare - Crowd Control.
  • Decoy - with augment Savior Decoy, Crowd Control, Damage Absorb.
  • Pull - Crowd Control.
  • Shooting Gallery - with augment Muzzle Flash, Damage Buff, Crowd Control.
  • Larva - with augment Larva Burst, Crowd Control, Damage.
  • Null Star - with augment Neutron Star, Damage Reduction, Damage.
  • Resonator - Damage, Crowd Control.
  • Dispensary - Healing, Energy Restore, Ammunition Restore.
  • Breach Surge - Damage, Crowd Control.
  • Aquablades - with augment Surging Blades, Crowd Control, Damage.
  • Keep Airburst - Crowd Control.


  • Weapons - any weapon you like, to activate [Archon Stretch] Bonus, use a weapon with Electricity Elemental on it, combine it with Gas Elemental to get serious damage output. To activate [Archon Vitality] Bonus, use a weapon with Heat Elemental, nothing is stopping you to have both :) And as always, don't forget about your choosen Primer.
  • Amp - chosen Amp parts and Arcanes.
  • Operator - chosen Arcanes.
  • Companion - take whoever you want, but as a bonus to your Energy maintenance, you can pick a [Dethcube] (Prime) Sentinel with [Energy Generator] mod on it. Your Sentinel must kill or assist you in it to generate additional Energy Orb.


Please, don't make [Zephyr] popular, I want her to be that way. She's my "go to" Warframe, when I want to just chill and kill. Every weapon in her hand is a Meat Grinder. I'm quite surprised that DE allows it... but I don't mind, it suits me very well, I wouldn't want DE ever to set eyes on [Zephyr]... just to spoil it.