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The Nekromancer

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Death's new master. Featuring altered mod polarities allow for greater customization.

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The Nekromancer

Hello there,

A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will. Build Updated! Once again! :)

For all those, who liked and used, and still want to know my previous builds, here are the links: The Edge Lord, Death's Emissary & Loot King


[Nekros]. One of my favorite Warframe back in the days. I used to love taking him everywhere, especially on regular starchart, to grind resources for my clan and for me. I'm not the type of guy who "main" one Warframe, I use (almost) all of them depending on the mood/mission/need. But [Nekros] was and still is in my TOP 5. Why you ask? Well, I simply "love" summoners. I pick them in any game if there is such option.


Start the mission, activate Desecrate, keep it active.
Cast Nourish and re-cast it whenever it expires. This skill really helps to keep you going and buff your little army.
Kill some enemies (eximuses are your main targets), use Terrify if you have some tough units/hard to kill/armored once. Use Terrify whenever you need/want.
Summon your shadows (Shadows of the Dead) and... have fun!
Repeat until you got bored.

Attributes & Abilities:

[Nekros] need 167% Strength (137% if one player using [Corrosive Projection]) to fully strip enemies out of their armor around him, those affected are trying to run away from [Nekros]. This is the cheapest armor strip ability in the game, BUT, it comes with one ugly condition. Bosses are unaffected by this ability. Any additional sources of strength simply increase the effectiveness of your shadows.

The Duration depends entirely on your playstyle, personally I prefer longer timings and less clicking, but it makes my shadows "live" longer which is not always a good idea (a shorter lifetime of your shadow means you will level it up more often). On the other hand, shorter Duration means lesser Efficiency, and in my build I already brought it down to the lowest level.

Oh, yes... Efficiency... do I have a problem maintaining my energy pool? Not at all. Will you? I don't know. Masterly manage the energy you gain, and you should have no problem with that.

Finally, I run high Range mostly for Nourish's buff radius and its splash radius. Every enemy that attack or are attacked suffer Viral Damage, and every ally (including shadows) are imbued with Viral Damage on their weapons. That makes my army unstoppable killing machines. And this is just the beggining. I can buff them even more (Arcanes, Focus Schools, Shards). High Range also help collect more loot from dead bodies, and covers a larger Terrify area. Soul Punch's cast range is also affected.

About that... Soul Punch. Underrated ability. Especially on higher level content, Steel Path Endurance runs, where you would actually prefer to have an army full of eximuses, rather than some random Shadows. It's true that he prioritizing the strongest enemy groups among those killed to summon, taken from the last 20 enemies killed by both [Nekros] and his Shadows, but with Soul Punch you can actually build your army, by chooding your enemy. If you use Soul Punch on choosen eximus with 25% of his health or less, you got instant Eximus Shadow (instant kill threshold). You can have up to 7 of them, or even more if the unit you just summoned is a Shadow of enemy that summon additional units, like Drahk Masters, they can summon Shadows of their respective minions.

So... it's up to you, whenever you choose to replace [Nekros]'s 1st or 4th ability with Nourish.

Aura Slot:

Suggested Aura Forma, so that it can be changed, when needed.

  • Brief Respite - Grants Shields equal to a % of Energy spent while Overshields are inactive.
  • Combat Discipline - Allies gain Health on kill. Aura bearer loses Health on kill. WARNING: this Aura can kill bearer.
  • Corrosive Projection - Reduces enemy armor.
  • Enemy Radar - Pinpoints enemy locations on mini-map.
  • Growing Power - Increases Ability Strength after Status proc.
  • Mecha Empowered - Increases damage against marked enemies.
  • Steel Charge - Increases melee weapon damage. The aura can potentially provide a total of 18 points, compared to most auras that provide 14.
  • Swift Momentum - Increases Melee Combo Duration.

Exilus Slot:

Must be unlocked with an Exilus Adapter.

  • NONE - if there is no such need, then there is no point in unlocking the slot.
  • Handspring - Speeds up a Warframe's knock-down recovery rate.
  • Pain Threshold - Increases the stagger recovery of your Warframe.
  • (Primed) Sure Footed - Increases a Warframe's chance to resist knockdown.
    Primed version is exclusive to the Daily Tribute system. It will become available at first at day 400. TAKE IT!!!
  • Vigilante Pursuit - Displays all enemies within its radius with red markers on the mini-map.

Warframe Arcane Enhancements:

  • Arcane Avenger - On Damaged, 21% chance for +45% Critical Chance for 12s.
  • Arcane Deflection - Passive, +102% chance to resist a Slash Damage effect.
  • Arcane Blessing - On Health Pickup +24 Max Health. Stacks up to 50x.
  • Arcane Energize - On Energy Pickup, 60% chance to replenish 150 Energy to self and allies within 15m. 15s cooldown.
  • Arcane Eruption - On Energy Pickup, 100% chance to Knockdown nearby enemies.
  • Arcane Fury - On Critical Hit, 60% chance for +180% Melee Damage to Melee Weapons for 18s.
  • Arcane Nullifier - Passive, +102% chance to resist a Magnetic Damage effect.
  • Arcane Pistoleer - On Pistol Headshot Kill, 60% chance for +102% Ammo Efficiency for 12s.
  • Arcane Pulse - On Health Pickup, 60% chance to restore 300 Health to allies within 25m. 15s cooldown.
  • Arcane Resistance - Passive, +102% chance to resist a Toxin Damage effect.
  • Arcane Strike - On Hit, 15% chance for +60% Attack Speed to Melee Weapons for 18s.
  • Theorem Demulcent - Standing in a zone created by a Residual Arcane increases weapon damage by 12%/s stacking up to 15x. The effect persists for 20s upon leaving the zone.
  • Theorem Infection - Standing in a zone created by a Residual Arcane increases damage of Companions and summoned Allies within 90m by 24%/s stacking up to 15x. The effect persists for 20s upon leaving the zone. ⇇ recommended if you want to use it with kitgun and buff your summons even more.
  • Molt Augmented - On Kill, +0.24% Ability Strength. Stacks up to 250x.
  • Molt Efficiency - While Shields are Active, Gain 6% Ability Duration per second, up to a maximum of 36%.
  • Molt Reconstruct - Heal yourself and your allies within Affinity Range 6 Health for each Energy point spent on the initial casting cost of abilities.
  • Molt Vigor - On Operator Ability, 45% Ability Strength on next Warframe Ability Cast.

Archon Shards:

  • Crimson Archon Shards (RED):
    +25% (+37.5%) Melee Critical Damage
    +25% (+37.5%) Primary Status Chance
    +25% (+37.5%) Secondary Critical Chance
    +10% (+15%) Ability Strength
    +10% (+15%) Ability Duration
  • Amber Archon Shards (YELLOW):
    +30% (+45%) Maximum Energy is filled on Spawn
    +100% (+150%) Effectiveness on Health Orbs
    +50% (+75%) Effectiveness on Energy Orbs
    +25% (+37.5%) Casting Speed ⇇ at least two regular one recommended
    +15% (+22.5%) Parkour Velocity
  • Azure Archon Shards (BLUE):
    +150 (+225) Health
    +150 (+225) Shield Capacity
    +50 (+75) Energy Max ⇇ if you struggle with maintaining your energy pool, add two or three
    +150 (+225) Armor
    +5 (+7.5) Health/s Regenerated

Focus School:

  • Madurai: ⇇ recommended, but you do you
    Power Transfer - 50% Casting Speed on switching to Warframe.
    Sling Strength - Switching to Warframe after a Chained Sling adds 40% Ability Strength for 20s.
  • Vazarin:
    Void Snare - Ability launches a projectile that spins up a vortex trap on impact, or tap 2 again to detonate in-flight. Trap lasts 8s.
    Protective Sling - Allies touched by Void Sling are granted immunity from damage for 5s and healed 60% over 5s for 10 energy cost.
  • Naramon:
    Power Spike - Melee Combo Counter now decays while out of combat by 5 every few seconds, instead of depleting completely.
  • Unairu:
    Poise - Gain immunity to slow, stagger, and knockdown effects for 40s after transferring between Operator or Warframe.
    Magnetic Flare - Use your first Ability to create a 8m radius field that lasts for 30s and disables the shields of any enemy that enters it.
    Caustic Strike - Second Ability launches an energy bomb that explodes with a 8m radius, stripping 100% of enemy armor. Tap 2 again to detonate in-flight.
  • Zenurik:
    Energy Pulse - Energy pickups grant 50 % additional energy over 5s.
    Wellspring - First Ability creates a well of energy for 8s. Allies passing through the well gain 5 Energy/s for 30s. Use your first Ability inside a Wellspring to increase its size, boost its duration by 20s, and grant 20% Ability Strength to those inside.
    Temporal Drag - Second Ability emits a radial burst, slowing any enemy it touches by 80% for 10s.

Helminth Subsumable Abilities:

  • Empower - Increase the strength of your next ability use.
  • Expedite Suffering - Hit enemies in a cone, affected enemies will have their Bleed and Toxin status removed, and their remaining damage dealt in a burst.
  • Hideous Resistance - Grant yourself immunity to Status effects.
  • Sickening Pulse - Emit a pulse that adds stacks to Status Effects already afflicting enemies, except Bleed, Heat, and Toxin effects which are duplicated with fresh timers.
  • Petrify - with augment Ore Gaze, Crowd Control, Farming.
  • Sentient Wrath - Crowd Control, Damage Debuff.
  • Elemental Ward - Support.
  • Spectrorage - with augment Spectrosiphon, Crowd Control, Energy Restore.
  • Nourish - Crowd Control, Damage Buff, Energy Restore. ⇇ recommended, huge buff for your summons
  • Shooting Gallery - with augment Muzzle Flash, Damage Buff, Crowd Control.
  • Eclipse - with augment Total Eclipse, Damage Buff, Damage Reduction.
  • Mind Control - with augment Mind Freak, Crowd Control, Support, Damage.
  • Resonator - Damage, Crowd Control.
  • Roar - Damage Buff.
  • Gloom - Crowd Control, Healing.
  • Lycath's Hunt - Healing, Energy Restore.
  • Breach Surge - Damage, Crowd Control.
  • Xata's Whisper - Damage Buff, Bullet Atractor.


  • Weapons - use any weapon you like (I highly reccomend you to use pure Slash builds), kitgun with Residual Arcane (any you like) will pair with your Theorem Infection, and buff your companions even further.
  • Amp - chosen Amp parts and Arcanes.
  • Operator - chosen Arcanes.
  • Companion - Your Devoted Servant - kavat that will serve you in many ways.


[Nekros] has been on my TOP 5 most played Warframes since its inception. I choose him when I want to farm some resources, or just play summoner, while having a very calm game, because most of it is done for me by my minions, and at that time I collect the drop and control my energy pool, and also keep an eye on the mission objective and the [Vitality] of my summoners. Maybe for you this style of play is a bit boring... but I've already played a lot in Warframe and sometimes I just prefer "Chill & Netflix" ;)