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Rise from the broken remains of the Eidolon to seduce an army of zealous thralls.




60 / 60


Damage Reduction
Revenant builds
Builds by eLordyy


I hope you're ready for omnipotence because that is what this build provides.
This build for [Revenant] focuses on a high Mesmer Skin count and using Reave to one shot anything, allowing you to be smitten by God and hit him with a "no u".
Enthrall is also useful when playing solo and his Danse Macabre should be used in small bursts for room clearing weak enemies.

[Revenant] makes the Index, Lich hunting, Sorties, Arbitrations and Steel Path all a breeze and is an incredibly underrated and underused frame. I hope this build can show people his true power.

Forma Cost:

This build requires 2 Forma + Aura Forma minimum, but can be increased to 3 Forma for Primed mods. Primed mods are in no way needed, but I always try maximize builds for those who can afford to.


Enthrall - Can be used when playing solo for some crowd control but most thralls will be killed when playing with others. The pillars created when a thrall dies also convert enemies into thralls, so try to kill them in groups to spread them consistently. Should be used in synergy with Reave to drain 100% of enthralled enemies shields/health, and to refresh Mesmer Skin charges. Is also free to cast on enemies who are stunned by Mesmer Skin.

Mesmer Skin - Provides all of [Revenant]'s survivability. He is completely invincible from enemy attacks and status effects as long as he has a charge, and any other damage source cannot lower his health under 2. The ability can be recast and you should never allow yourself to completely run out of charges as it is your only defense. Optimal usage is to cast whenever you pick up an energy orb, as Arcane Eruption will give you an opening to expose yourself with the casting animation. But don't be afraid to cast if you're running low, you will regret it otherwise.

Reave - Drains a flat percentage of shields and health from enemies and passes any status effects onto them. Use whenever you've taken a hit and need healing. The drain is multiplied by 5 on enemies affected by Enthrall, meaning it will one shot almost all enemies. Nox are resistant to this, but a level 10,000 Corrupted heavy gunner will still be deleted from existence, as well as Kuva Liches RIP LICH KILLER REV :(.
Is also a decent movement ability when used in the air, and gives allies 1 Mesmer Skin charge when used through them, if your feeling nice :)

Danse Macabre - The adaptive damage of this ability makes it good for clearing rooms of weaker enemies even at high levels. It's best used in small bursts while holding the fire button to boost damage for a quick room wipe. [Revenant] is so much more than the sPiN tO wIn frame, and this build is not designed for only pressing 4. The ability is still fun to use so feel free, just be careful of your energy usage.

Mods Explanation:

Flow/Primed Flow - Even with 135% Efficiency Reave costs 32.5 Energy, so can drain your energy quickly without a large pool

Streamline + Fleeting Expertise - Rev is a greedy boy and if he thinks his abilities deserve 50 Energy per cast he is sorely mistaken. Also to counter Blind Rage.

Blind Rage + Transient Fortitude - More Strength adds charges to Mesmer Skin, increasing his survivability, and a Strength of 249% atleast is required to make Reave's health drain 100% on thralls.

Primed Continuity + Narrow Minded - Duration will prolong your thralls/energy pillars, stun enemies who attack you for longer, add more travel time in Reave, and reduce the high energy drain of Danse Macabre.

Stretch - Range does not have a huge effect on his abilities but Narrow Minded needs to be countered to make Reave's hitbox viable.

EXILUS - Power Drift - More Strength is always handy

AURA - Steel Charge - Aura is a personal choice on this build. You can avoid an Aura Forma by using a Naramon mod, but will require using a normal Forma elsewhere instead. Completely up to you.


Arcane Eruption - The animation for Mesmer Skin is a long one and can make you very vulnerable if under heavy fire. Arcane Eruption's 30m knockdown gives you the perfect opportunity to cast it. The synergy is perfect and has saved my life many times.

Arcane Pistoleer - I use Akarius with Revenant for his resistance to self-stagger, this arcane works really well with them and can also work with your primary.

Arcane Velocity - Makes Akarius go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt.

ANY - Arcane's are up to you. Defensive aren't needed as his 2 does all the work, so tailor your arcanes to whatever weapons you are using.



Energizing Dash + Energy Pulse - solves all energy problems, but feel free to use whichever school suits you and slap on an Arcane Energize if you feel you need more energy supply.

Inner Might - allows multiple heavy attacks without draining combo multiplier.


  • Aura Forma can be avoided by simply using another normal Forma instead of Steel Charge's extra capacity, I just chose it for build diversity.

  • Flow can be replaced with Primed Flow, increasing Forma by 1.


Kuva Bramma/ Kuva Zarr/ Kuva Ogris - Mesmer Skin not only protects you from all enemy status effects, but also makes you completely immune to self-stagger. This makes [Revenant] a perfect frame to take full advantage of massive AoE explosive weapons.

Akarius - Same as above. Can proc Pistoleer and Velocity with its AoE explosions, making it a infinite rapid fire nuke launcher, that doesn't even stagger you. Beautiful.

Furax/ Tatsu - Amalgam [Furax] Body Count will buff the explosion radius of your ranged weapons. Or use Revenants signature weapon for style points.

Carrier/ Sahasa Kubrow - Can help make up for the low ammo economy on heavy AoE weapons, and add the Mecha mod set.

I will link specific builds for all these once I have made them, all are currently a work in progress.
[Revenant] works well with any weapons and his abilities don't have many synergies, so feel free to use whatever weapons you enjoy, these are just my recommendations.

Enjoy the build, eLordyy