Banshee Prime

Effortlessly kill steel path's enemy with a weaponless BANSHEE(with video explanation)

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Banshee Prime assails her foes by manipulating sonic forces to deadly effect. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.




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Damage Reduction
Banshee Prime builds
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Effortlessly kill steel path's enemy with a weaponless BANSHEE(with video explanation)

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In Warframe, there are surprisingly few abilities that become stronger with stacking, but [Banshee]'s second ability, Sonar, has the terrifying property of becoming more stable and exponentially increasing in damage with each stack. Even at base ability power, stacking it twice results in damage approximately 5 × 5 = 25 times, and three stacks lead to 5 × 5 × 5 = 125 times...

This overwhelming damage buff is applied in builds that allow for easy battles left to the sentinel or for comfortable operation with specialized weapon handling.

Basic Knowledge

Sonar increases the damage to areas dyed with the energy color by more than five times. A single use requires aiming at the dyed spots to be effective, like a headshot, but continuous use can dye multiple areas, enabling kills with sloppy aiming by making almost the entire body a weak point.

Visually, it's not discernible, but the effect is reapplied to already dyed areas, resulting in the damage multiplier squaring to more than 25 times.

Operation Methods

With a [Nautilus] sentinel equipped with robotic weapons [Verglas] and [Duplex Bond], simply spamming Sonar allows the sentinel and its clone to efficiently eliminate enemies. By inserting mods for shield gating, durability is ensured even when standing still (except for poison damage).

Furthermore, equipping a full-auto weapon that doesn't require reload actions allows for increased firepower by simply holding down the shoot button.

(For controller operations, since shooting stops when opening the ability menu, it's necessary to assign Sonar to a button for single-press activation.)

Recommended Weapons That Don't Require Reload Actions

[Ocucor] (Secondary)

It requires some effort to get the first kill, but maintaining the state with four homing beams allows killing enemies within view by just holding down the shoot button. [Sentient Surge] is essential for eliminating the need for reload actions. Focusing on handling by doubling magazine size makes it easier to maintain constant fire ([Primed Slip Magazine] 55% + [Tainted Clip] 60% = 115%).

[Grimoire] (Secondary)

A great weapon that completely eliminates reload actions, has a 1m blast radius, and can acquire additional abilities with magic book mods. Conditions for kills, considered difficult with other frames, are easily activated with [Banshee].
Customize to your preference, whether focusing on energy recovery, increasing ability power or fire rate, or reducing armor.

SHEDU (Primary)

A battery-operated explosive weapon that doesn't require recharging. The pulse during reload offers convenient CC but makes it harder for enemies to approach. Equipping Arcane fractalized reset can eliminate the pulse activation.

Fighting While Moving

Using Sonar on the ground causes you to stop, but it's possible to activate it while moving in the air. You can also aim glide while using abilities (however, pressing the ability menu button will interrupt it).

Moreover, cancelling a bullet jump with Sonar for inertia-led high-speed movement is possible. The method is to press the jump and Sonar buttons almost simultaneously while crouching.

Unlike normal bullet jumps, this does not cancel the crouching state, allowing for sliding maintenance. With proper control, you can move quickly while shooting and using Sonar by just holding down the crouch button and pressing the jump and Sonar buttons.


Durability Shield Gating Slot (Essential)
Equipping [Brief Respite] and [Catalyzing Shields] allows maintaining invincibility by using abilities approximately once per second.

Energy Management Slot
Even with [Primed Flow], energy can be quickly depleted, so increasing recovery with [Grendel]'s transplanted Nourish and the effects of Amber Ayatan Stars on energy orbs is recommended for comfort. Nourish triples the recovery amount, and Amber Tau ×2 makes it 2.5 times, resulting in 187.5 recovery per blue orb, and 375 recovery per orb created by the sentinel clone. With Energizing Shot, this can increase to 787.5 recovery.

Time-based recoveries like Zenurik or [Energy Nexus] stop during ability use, so spamming abilities can reduce their effectiveness.

Ability Casting Speed
Stacking over 50% makes maintaining the invincibility period from shield gating more comfortable. For continuous shooting, shorter activation times also mean more time for attacks.

Amber Tau can make spamming more enjoyable and allow for faster dyeing, but be mindful of increased energy consumption.

Ability Power
Important for Sonar's multiplier and affects energy recovery through Nourish, so higher is preferable.

Ability Range
Increasing range allows for pre-engagement Sonar application and easier support for distant allies, so stack as much as possible.

Ability Duration
Its importance is low, so reducing it slightly is not a problem.


Thank you for reading until the end.

Simply spamming abilities can decimate enemies while amplifying ally firepower by tens to hundreds of times, and with practice, attacking or moving quickly while doing so becomes possible, making [Banshee] a highly versatile frame to enjoy.