Zephyr Prime

The Rose Gold Stormbringer -- The Steel Path (Yes, really.)

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Take to the skies with this golden bird of destruction.




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Damage Reduction
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The Rose Gold Stormbringer -- The Steel Path (Yes, really.)

The Rose Gold Stormbringer -- The Steel Path (Yes, really.)

Have you ever wanted to stay in the sky? Keep that ever-so-important highground angle for as long as possible? Perhaps the issue of becoming a very obvious target kept you grounded? Well, not anymore! The Rose Gold Stormbringer is here to solve your mile-high woes! This build was one I've been working toward for a while, and to be fair the Archon mod sets have really made this worth while.

When in the air, [Zephyr]'s passive gives her a mighty 150% increase to her Critical Strike Chance! This combined with her Tornadoes, Pull, a generous helping of ammunition, and a near-invincible airtime of ~27.62s, [Zephyr] can look on and laugh at acolytes from up high. But beware! Stay on the ground, and much like the waves in a hurricane, you'll be lost in a tide.

The Build

Some of my choices may be bizarre, but they've served me well! First off, we have the [Lightning Dash]: This is a really useful mod for this build for several reasons, a big one being the Synergy with [Archon Stretch]. [Archon Stretch] gives a short energy boost when your Abilities deal damage, this isn't something [Zephyr] does naturally, however, when you proc a Tornadoes and then Bullet Jump with [Lightning Dash] equipped, you will cause the damage type to flip to Electric, causing Archon Stretch to proc. This helps to maintain the pool of energy your Warframe has during missions.


[Boreal's Anguish], [Boreal's Hatred]:

Alas, poor Boreal. These mods make this build what it is, and having all three can boost your damage reduction even more. Providing an insane +60% Aim Glide/Wall Latch Duration, -75% Gravity (Very important, more on that later.) While Aim Gliding, also 150% Shield and 15% Ability Efficiency, while each provides an additional 20% reduction in damage while Airborne; when used in tandem. If you're in the air, between these two, Aviator, and Aerodynamic? You're damn near invincible.


Damn Near. You can still very much be knocked out of the sky, and this is where [Constitution] comes in:

[Constitution]'s Knockdown Recovery of 40% is invaluable if you get hit with an explosion, and knocked out of the air. It isn't terrible if you have your Tornadoes up, which they should be with that additional 28% Ability Duration, but once on the ground heavy arms fire will hurt like hell. Stay Airborne!


Speaking of, Aero Vantage:

Aim Glide is the quintessential "Stay Up!" mechanic, in this build. Between Aero Vantage's -100% Gravity While Aim Gliding, Boreal's -75%, and Zephyr's natural negatives to Gravity- you actually float. Well, actually, you technically Fly; because you raise very slowly instead of falling at all. This means you can literally jump into the middle of a tall room, stop, look down, and start picking off mobs like turbulent fish in the sea!


Speaking of Fish in the Sea:

... Wait, no, there's no mod for fish; peculiar or otherwise. Although I wish Peculiar mods and their ilk had their own warframe slot that didn't take up any standard slots, so we could continue to watch awesome flowers poof into existence! Seriously perfect for this +150% Crit Chance build! Not really sure why this one had this title, prolly 'cause there's a cute guy I wanna see, and it's 4AM here so- yaaay tired!



Why bother to Subsume Pull and slap it onto Zephyr? The insane reach- 58.8m, to be exact. Now, it's done with a conical angle, so you can't be completely aimless, however it is fun to play with! If you drop a Tornadoes down to be stationary, for if, say, defending a location? And enemies are just shootin' on through? PULL! ... And now they're bobbing up and down in a puddle, primed for 150% Extra Damage and Critical Strike Chance-

Oh? I didn't mention the Arcanes? Silly me!


Arcane Arachne, Arcane Avenger

Farming to Max these Arcanes out is Worth. It. There are always horrizontal surfaces, and a quick hug for the planet gives you a 150% Mother Earth's MOFO RAAAA- Damage for 30s. Thirty. Seconds. Slightly longer than you can stay airborne, which means a latch and a jump away from +150% Damage, +150% Critical Strike Chance, and 27s of Near-Invincible Airtime; which benefits us, because of Arcane Avenger. When damaged, you get further bonuses to your Critical Strike Chance! This pretty much enables Zephyr to practically turn any projectile weapon into a Storm of Critical Hits.



Hey, remember earlier when I mentioned that it was fun to Pull mobs around? Well, that's the premise here. This is a Fun Build! It was designed for fun, but I've run her through the Steel Path in conjunction with 'Last Grasp' available, and solo Steel Path missions became possible and fun! This is by no means any intended Meta, but I won't lie, it does extremely well in 80-100 Conjunction Survival missions. Oh, and you know all the fun Open World areas, yeah? Cetus is especially my favorite. But traversing it without an Archwing? Ooooh, it's fun! It's a little slower, but it's a blast if you replace a mod with [Primed Flow], and go ham. :3

Anyway, I'm heckin' tired, so I'm going to go sleep now. Cheers!