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Atlas Perfected (via hours in excel)

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In bygone ages, mountains were said to house warriors. In this age, the mountain has become the warrior.




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Atlas Perfected (via hours in excel)

[Atlas] the Rock God

Why should you care about this build? Because unlike most builds people post, I've actually done hours of math and testing to determine the single best Atlas Prime build for end-game content. Every slight improvement possible has been made with zero compromises for costs. This build will out-damage top-of-line [Khora Prime] builds and makes the steel path look like a joke. It features a playstyle completely unique to Atlas and is tons of fun. Now with all that being said - enjoy!

How you need to play:
Thankfully this isn't super disruptive to the fast [Flow] of [Atlas]. Players need to swap to operator mode whenever they are traveling to an objective or not actively attacking an enemy to prevent the decay of rubble. Why is this required? Rubble decay, unfortunately, is unaffected by mods, and currently, this is the only method to increase its duration.

The Results

  • Incredible durability with [Atlas] reducing damage to 0.94% for an EHP of 187,200 and a significant amount of any mission being invincible due to landslide spam
  • Absurd healing with Gloom causing landslide to heal for 100% of HP, thus incredibly difficult to die unless OHKO
  • Earth-shattering damage with landslide hitting for millions of damage per hit (this becomes a genuine war crime when combined with harrow)
  • Respectable crowd control with [Path Of Statues] and an 83% slow from Gloom, this build transforms [Atlas] from being somewhat poor at CC into a frame capable of significant lockdown

Everything you will need


  • Archon Shards: 4x duration 1x energy puts rubble paths at an impressive 31.0 duration, ensuring a significant percentage of enemies are supplying rubble. The singular energy shard helps get the ball rolling, as while energy isn't an issue, it ensures it stays that way.
  • Helminth: Gloom is the obvious choice for the healing it provides, along with the CC bonus, keeps us above 1400 rubble and, by extension, keeps that 2x damage bonus active.


  • Focus School - Naramon: Super straightforward as naramon fixes combo counter decay and has moderately useful abilities to go along with it. Depending on the mission type you could use Madurai Phoenix [Talons] for the slight boot in impact damage (combo duration is improved from other sources) however I don't believe this to be ideal in most cases.


  • Arcane Avenger: To answer the question, yes, it does trigger even when invincible during landslide! So why avenger? Simple, it enables not only other weapons in the build but applies nearly a +50% bonus to damage, excluding mods. With mods, it's far greater (yes, I know crit chance mods don't see it), but critical multipliers do, and that's where Avenger pulls ahead compared to alternatives. For example, a [Kogake] with a +300% damage and +200% impact riven will be doing 250k damage on the third hit on average, my crit build will do around 390k damage WITHOUT avenger active. When it's active the average damage jumps to just shy of 700k. Remember that this math excludes mods on Atlas, other arcanes, damage buffs ETC so that the real-world numbers will be far greater.
  • Molt Augmented: As we are basically a landslide bot the second arcane slot has a significant amount of competition between more damage or survivability. This arcane provides slightly more damage than Arcane [Fury] and improves abilities as an added bonus. If you aren't yet Helminthed it's worth considering Arcane Grace as the high HP total of Atlas combined with the need to keep above 1400 rubble makes it more viable than it may appear.
  • Primary Dexterity: Do I really need to explain this? These dexterity arcanes did so much to improve the build it's insane. By basically freeing up an entire melee mod slot, the damage output exploded, and I would consider these mandatory in all Atlas builds.
  • Secondary Dexterity: Again, same story as the primary.
  • Magus Repair: Anything that tops off our HP is highly valued; thus, Elevate is an excellent arcane to have. Trust me; this will come back later when you'll realize how impactful it actually is.
  • Magus Elevate: Stacks with repair, and honestly, you can replace this if you'd like. I prefer healing everything ASAP, so I double up on healing arcanes.


  • Primary - [Basmu]: Simply the best option by far. Basmu does everything you could ever want, from applying status to tough targets, a high crit multiplier for crit cat/avenger, AOE cc (the pulse causes staggering) in a weapon, auto-reloading preventing downtime, and the best healing outside of warframe abilities. I doubt there will ever be a better choice added , as it's a pure chance this fits everything we could dream of having.
  • Secondary - [Kuva Nukor]: If you've chosen to go for the Avenger + Cat build, the Kuva Nukor is a clear choice. With high damage and the ability to applying status quickly, it's a no-brainer. Unlike most builds ours will feature a higher fire rate to complement its use of priming for landslide.
  • Melee - God tier stat stick: Take your pick of melee weapons with high riven dispositions and sell your soul for a +damage, +impact,-nondamaging stat. Personally, I use a [Kogake] (1.46), but the ideal would be an Amphis or Ankyros for slightly higher damage, as both have a 1.5 disposition.

Alternative weapons

  • Tenet Ferrox: Spear throw can be pretty decent at grouping enemies for petrify + landslide combos building rubble quickly.
  • [Hema]: Probably the next best choice. Hema allows for an easy means of healing and does an excellent job of applying status effects where required.
  • Tenet Plinx: Not bad as the CC from the alt-fire can be worth playing with
  • [Tysis]: If, for whatever reason, armor is a concern (it should not be with how much damage we output) Tysis can soften things up quickly.

Other Build Parts

Viability test checklist
1. Hound's Mod [Synergized Prospectus] and Mod [Null Audit] stealing and using a Shock Eximus's ability will activate the buff from [Archon Stretch] (energy [Regen]), which could supplant energize in theory, enable a full damage build with [Blind Rage], the most potent damage combo possible. (Not viable)
2. Exodia Force (Zaw Arcane) also triggers [Archon Stretch] worth exploring the viability (cool but not for [Atlas])
3. Molt Reconstruct (wf arcane) gives AOE 6hp per energy used on abilities (super insane [Rage] + [Blind Rage] build??) It seems like it could be incredible (viable needs more testing)
7. [Silva & Aegis] (yes) has a bonus where blocking attacks stores charges similar to [Ack & Brunt], except these are "charge that increases critical chance and status chance additively by 15% to the next attack. (does not appear to work & wiki may, in fact, be incorrect)