Health, Speed and Control - a Rounded Wisp Support build [Updated 30/01/2021]]

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Elemental and elusive, Wisp is both guardian and gateway.

Breach Surge
Sol Gate



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Health, Speed and Control - a Rounded Wisp Support build [Updated 30/01/2021]]

Health, Speed and Control - a Rounded Wisp Support build

Note: Recent updates changed how some mods work on wisp. Read the Altenatives section for update.

Buff centric build, with enough personal survivability to survive all standard end game content, QoL and clear speed.

What is Wisp?

Wisp is a well rounded, support focused warframe that provides the entire squad and herself with very potent buffs. She is a very mobile and survivable frame which makes her viable for end game content. On top of all that she has great damage potential if the need arises.


Passive. Phased

Whilst Wisp is airborne she and her companion become invisible, until she lands or fires a weapon. The invisibility lingers for a split second after landing.
Hard Landings will dissipate the cloak immediately.
Melee attacks do not cancel invisibility, allowing Wisp to use air attacks with a stealth multiplier.

This is a very powerful passive that is easy to forget due to minimal visual feedback, so just remember this - Jumping = Surviving. Stay in the air as much as you can, but don't focus on it.
Use a bright Energy color!

1. Reservoirs

Bread and butter of Wisp. Wisp selects one of three Reservoir pods and puts it down. The reservoir pods have a range of 5 meters and last indefinitely, entering the area gives you a corresponding mote (or as I like to call it - a flower) that last for 38 seconds while outside of the range (Indefinitely while inside the range).
Wisp can summon a maximum of 6 reservoir pods.
Casting additional reservoir pods will replace the oldest pod.
The three reservoirs are as follows:
Vitality: increases maximum Health by over 1040 and restores 104 health per second.
Haste: increases movement speed and melee attack speed by ~77% and fire rate by 104%.
Shock: Stuns up to 5 enemies within 15 meters for 3 seconds every 3 seconds (Electricity proc)

The Reservoirs are removed by a nullifier bubble!
Buffs from multiple instances of the same type of reservoir do NOT stack!

In stationary missions, such as Survival or Defense set up all 3 of your reservoirs in an area that provides cover and still allows shooting, such as on a raised platform or around a corner, you can have two of such nests set up as per the limits of the ability.
In mobile missions such as Exterminate or Sabotage, use this ability while moving (Bullet jump at a 45 degree angle and use the ability mid air), alternating between the different buffs, in easy missions prioritize Haste, in more difficult ones, prioritize Health and Shock.

2. Wil-O-Wisp

Wisp summons a clone that travels in target direction for 5 seconds, while the clone is travelling, Wisp gains her passive even if on land. The clone taunts nearby enemies (Think Loki's Decoy).
Wisp may at any point use the ability again to teleport to the clones current position, doing so will grant Wisp 3 seconds of Invulnerability.
Holding the ability button down when casting makes the clone move faster, when you release the held down key, Wisp will then teleport to the clone as though recasting it.

This is your panic button, if you feel like you will die, double tap the ability for invulnerability and keep on fighting!
This ability is also incredibly useful in Spy missions because it allows you to bypass lasers

3. Breach Surge

Wisp creates an area that expands into a 20+ meter radius area around her. Enemies in line of sight of Wisp and within range are blinded for 20 seconds. When damaged, the blinded enemies have a 10% chance to create a homing projectile that seeks the heads of nearby enemies, dealing Radiation damage with a ~77% status chance and inherits a damage multiplier of ~6x received by the source enemy to inflict on the new target.
Killing blinded enemies has a 100% chance to release a projectile

Blinded enemies are susceptible to stealth damage bonus, but are not vulnerable to melee finishers.
Using this ability while targeting your Reservoirs will teleport Wisp to them and DOUBLE the radius of Breach Surge

This is your CC and DAMAGE! Use it whenever there are big groups of enemies around you or around your reservoirs!

4. Sol Gate

Don't use this.

Decaying Dragon Key

There is a very strong argument for using a Decaying Dragon Key in this build as it allows for constant shield gate procs by utilizing the low shield max, low power efficiency and Brief Respite. I highly suggest giving it a go as it WILL improve your overall survivability.
This also creates a stronger argument for Rage over Stretch, but I am still keeping Stretch in for the base build due to it being the superior choice if you have an ally that can refill your energy like Trinity, Protea or Harrow

Mod Explanation

Brief Respite: This aura is currently by far the most powerful, due to the low efficiency of this build, it allows you to get close to 200 shields every time you cast your 3 and/or 2, When combined with the effects of a Decaying Dragon Key this also resets the shield gating mechanic, giving you 1.3 seconds of invulnerability rather frequently.

Blind Rage, Transient Fortitude, Intensify, Power Drift and Augur Secrets: Maximum power strength makes high level Wisp what she really is - a team support, while also giving you area damage through breach surge.

Primed Continuity: The added duration counters the negative duration we have from Transient Fortitude and increases the time our Breach Surge stays on enemies, while at the same time increasing the duration of buffs on allies whenever they leave the Reservoirs. Our invisibility duration on ground is also boosted, due to the higher duration of Wil-O-Wisp.

Stretch: This makes your breach surge MUCH more useful, as normally the radius feels quite small due to the slow expansion, also improves QoL (:.
If you use an Umbral Forma, you can insert a fully ranked Stretch, otherwise leave it one off for best optimisation, or replace with Augur Reach
Due take note however that with recent changes there MIGHT be better alternatives (Rage) if you're playing solo or with randoms.

Steel Fiber and Adaptation: Thanks to your Health Reservoir Wisp already has very good health, and good health regeneration, thanks to armor Wisp can make use of that regeneration much better. Adaptation is essentially another layer of armor and due to its mechanics it makes your health regeneration and buffer have incredible synergy. These will make you virtually immortal if you use your other options effectivelly.


Stretch: Since its mostly a QoL mod, it would be the first mod to replace. Currently due to the Shield Gating mechanic and the usefulness of the Decaying Dragon Key, Rage is a VERY powerful alternative - so much so I'm actually running that myself, Stretch is still the ideal choice in an organised team, but I highly advise to give Rage a go. Also consider extra survivability mods if you feel the need, such as Armored Agility, Rapid Resilience or Handspring. Alternatively you might prefer other QoL mods such as Flow, Streamline or Rage.

Umbral mods: These are a luxury and require a lot of additional forma investment, you may replace these mods for their standard counterparts without too big of a downside.

Primed Continuity: Feel free to replace with standard Continuity without much worry.

Brief Respite: If you're playing with allies that can further boost your survivability, replace this with Growing Power for an extra boost. Also if you do not want to forma the aura slot, feel free to use Corrosive Projection or Even Sprint Boost.

Update: With Energy Conversion being Fixed, Wisp now benefits from it fairly well.

Consider replacing Continuity with Energy Conversion.
That change however prevents you from running Rage.
If you continue to run Continuity consider taking Rage as I've had great success with it in random matches.
Stretch is still the right choice if you're playing in higher level missions or missions with friends.

Energy Conversion can also be hard to run if you have any frames that give energy on your team.


I haven't explored the arcanes as much as I'd like or enough to give a recommendation because I don't enjoy the content that rewards you with them. Apologies.

Having played with arcanes for a bit now - Highly recommend guardian, its not unreasonable in price and it legit makes you completely immortal.
Also Consider Running one copy of Arcane Aegis as per suggestion in the Comments

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you learned something from it! Check out other guides I've made on this website on the right hand side of the page or by clicking on my name at the top of the webpage. (When I've made more that is) (:

Weapons and Combos

In general, the best weapons on wisp are the ones that benefit greatly from increased fire rate, such as bows like the Mutalist Cernos or Burst rifles, however there are a few hidden gems that combo really well with wisp!

One weapon such as that is a Kitgun! Personally I prefer Tombfinger for this, but I think catchmoon works too. The Trick here is to use Pax Bolt on it, then in a mission, get a headshot kill before placing each of your flowers (1) for a free power strength (:

The end

P.S. A few numbers in the ability descriptions might be slightly off, due to minor changes in the build after the initial version.

Formatting shamelessly borrowed from Confirmare


08/03/2020 / First big change. Replacing Corrosive Projection with Brief Respite due to Armor changes, This also creates a better argument for running Rage instead of Stretch, however only if you don't have an energy filling assistance from allies.