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The Cunning Tabby | Smeeta Kavat

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This sly feline is playful yet devious.




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Smeeta Kavat builds
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The Cunning Tabby | Smeeta Kavat

Hello everyone,

My name is UltimoFive and today we are going over the [Smeeta Kavat], The Cunning Tabby.

Companion Information

  • The [Smeeta Kavat] is one of three breeds that focuses on specific modifications that allow it to become invisible while creating a decoy to draw fire and allow it to bestow good fortune buffs that assist the player into missions. The way to Obtain Smeeta Kavats are to breed for the Companion at the Orbiter's Incubator, which needs to be first upgraded with a Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment. This Segment is either obtained from the Market for 175 Platinum, researched and purchased in the Dojo, or it is dropped from Hyekka Masters. Afterwards, the player must scan Feral Kavats on Deimos Missions, such as the Capture Mission Node, Horend. This scanning can be done with a normal Codex Scanner or a Synthesis Scanner and the player must obtain 10 Kavat Genetic Codes and a Incubator Power Core each breeding attempt for their desired Smeeta Kavat.

  • The Smeeta Kavat doesn't require a Mastery Rank.

  • The [Smeeta Kavat] comes with 2 "Y" Polarity Slots. Because of this, the builds for this Companion will require 6 Forma.

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages


  • Semi-Immortality due to having a Bleedout Timer instead of just blowing up upon hitting 0 Health

  • Higher Average Critical Multiplier, Critical Chance, and Status Chance than Sentinel Companions

  • The Smeeta Kavats attacks can proc some Arcanes, such as Arcane Strike


  • Doesn't come with any Polarities other then "Y", making the companion expensive to mod

  • Obtaining a [Smeeta Kavat] can be extremely Grindy, especially for those newer to the game


Miss Fortune:

The Miss Fortune Build for the [Smeeta Kavat] utilizes a Linked Increase to Armor and Health with Survivability for the pet and Buffs that assist the Player into Battle. The Build's Flex Slot is [Hastened Deflection] and works great into late game with providing support where it is needed. This support is focused on using the [Smeeta Kavat]'s [Charm] Modification, which of course gives Good Fortune through Buffing Critical Chance, Energy Refunding, Doubling Pickups and Affinity, Instant Reloads, Reinforcing Shields, and creating a Planet's Rare Resource. There isn't much else to say about this Build in particular, other than it is mainly to be used for Utility Play.

Playful Killer:

The Playful Killer Build for the [Smeeta Kavat] utilizes a Linked Increase to Armor, and Health with Increases to Critical Damage, Melee Damage, and Critical Chance that assist the Kavat into Battle. The Build's Flex Slots are Sharpened Claws or Swipe and is an Offensive Build for the Smeeta Kavat, focused on the little cat to just kill off Low-Tiered, Non-Eximus Enemies. It does actually surprisingly well into late game with the only negative of this Build being the Survivability sacrifice in order to do pretty good damage to enemies.

Recommended Alternative Mods

  • Hunter Recovery - In place of the Build's Flex Slot to help the Smeeta Kavat Lifesteal for the Player's Health Pool.

  • (Primed)Pack Leader - In place of the Build's Flex Slot to give Lifesteal-Link so one can heal their [Smeeta Kavat] with Melee Attacks. Although this will cost an additional Forma if one is going to use the Primed variant of this mod.

  • Animal Instinct - In place of its Primed Counterpart if one doesn't have it.

  • Pounce - In place of the Build's Flex Slot in the Playful Killer Build to help with slight CC and to increase Damage output of the Kavat.

  • Hastened Deflection or Mischief - In place of the Build's Flex Slot in the Playful Killer Build to help with survivability of the Kavat.

  • Hunter Synergy - In place of the Build's Flex Slot in the Playful Killer Build to increase Critical Chance even more for the Kavat.

  • Link Shields - In place of [Link Health] if one is using a Frame that capitalizes off of Shield mainly, such as [Harrow] or [Hildryn].


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