Bonewidow All Purpose Build 2021 + guide

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This fearsome Necramech, fashioned in honor of the Entrati matriarch, is a robust front-line fighter. Favoring armor and health over shield strength, Bonewidow can grab and hurl enemies, deploy a heavy shield for personal defense, and cleave through opposing ranks with a massive warblade.




80 / 80


Damage Reduction
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Bonewidow All Purpose Build 2021 + guide

Would you look at that, it only needs 5 forma to be maxed out and perfect at the same time? Wow.

So what did I drop compared to the other guys that run 6 forma for this necramech? Necramech Redirection
Why? Because unlike [Voidrig], [Bonewidow]'s max hp is way higher and your 1st ability heals you, so having higher shields does nothing for you.

Sadly unlike [Voidrig] we need to waste precious mod slots for melee boosting mods. So Necramech Fury and Necramech Pressure Point are a must. I was thinking about Necramech Reach but the +1 range compared to the +3 range from Extend really doesn't sound appealing and worth the slot.

Necramech Flow, Necramech Streamline, Necramech Continuity and Necramech Rage are a must because they allow us to permanently stay in our 4th ability, aka having our exalted [Ironbride] pulled out. This amount of energy economy also allows us to spam our 1st ability for free healing and our 2nd ability for extra survivability.

Necramech Steel Fiber and Necramech Vitality are a must because without them we'd be walking paper. Remember armor in this game doesn't apply to shields so like I said above because we have a source of healing from our 1st ability this gives us even more reasoning on why we don't need shields. The armor mod also boosts the strength of our 2nd ability.

Necramech Intensify is essential because it boosts our 4th ability damage, the amount of extra hp we get from our 2nd ability and the amount of healing we get from our 1st ability. You can see how your stats change ingame by going to abilities on your [Bonewidow] and hovering your mouse over them, for example the 1st ability "conversion percent" goes higher with this mod equiped, aka you lifesteal more.

So the only QOL (quality of life) mods we are left with are Necramech Thrusters, Necramech Refuel and Necramech Repair. The repair mod is there as a fail safe in case you fall asleep and don't look at your hp dropping and forget to heal yourself with your 1st ability, this mod will prevent you from dying every 15 seconds. The other two fuel mods are there so you can actually move around while sprinting rather than being a giant slow piece of metal.

There are flex slots in this build of course, certain mods that you could replace with others if you'd wish for. I'd say to me personally the flex slot would be Necramech Refuel. The mods that you could put in place of this one are:

  • Necramech Deflection yes shield recharge, you know what that means right? shield gating, aka more survivability, but is that really needed with [Bonewidow]? That's up to you to decide. If you don't know what shield gating is, you basically get a certain period of invulnerability every time your shields are broken, this effect lasts longer or shorter depending on how much shields you lost, that's where shield recharge speed helps to recover your shields faster.
  • Necramech Efficiency serves the same purpose as Necramech Refuel, one lets you sprint for a longer period of time while the other replenishes your stamina faster once you stop sprinting, totally up to your personal preference which one you want to use, you'll have enough mod capacity to slot in whichever mod.
  • Necramech Enemy Sense honestly just get the enemy radar mod for your pet, it works while in a necramech and 30 meter range is more than enough since you're a melee necramech.
  • Necramech Reach I don't know about this one, you'll be going from 6 to 7 meter range with your melee, is that even noticeable at that point?
  • Necramech Hydraulics a very niche mod that I've seen on many builds made for [Bonewidow] during the Orphix event, it allows you to jump higher so that you can hit that orphix but now that the event is gone, this serves no purpose other than making you regret pressing spacebar on your keyboard. Which you'll be doing a lot in order to animation cancel sprinting. If Orphix ever does come again, see if you need it, tho I'd still run Voidrig there.
  • Necramech Stretch nope, useless mod, doesn't increase your melee range, doesn't effect your 1st or 2nd ability either, don't even think about it.
    The rest of the mods are not worth mentioning.

Here are my Ironbride configurations, they all share the same polarities:

Also on for some reason it shows that this weapon has 10% status chance, but in game and on wiki it has 15% so there might be an argument to run 60/60 mods instead of the 120 but the raw damage loss might be too big, I don't know, would need testing, hopefully one day DE allows us to use necramechs inside simulacrum. Updated the first config from Viral+Heat to Viral+Slash since the status chance can be pushed to 42%, you'll need the archmelee 60/60 mods for that so if you don't have them stick to my old Viral+Heat config.

TLDR is [Bonewidow] better than [Voidrig]? Nope. Should you invest in it? Yeah the 5 forma for mr fodder. But since you've given it 5 forma already just for that sweet mr, you may as well give it a potato and then go out there and slash some mobs on a boring day. If you're looking for a Voidrig build here's the link: