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Maxed Out Amesha build + guide

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Transform into a winged guardian.




60 / 60


Damage Reduction
Amesha builds
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Maxed Out Amesha build + guide

Maxed out Amesha archwings build.

Amesha are the best archwing in the game currently.

Mod explanation:

  • Enhanced Durability and Argon Plating, the only two sustain mods you need on these wings, since your base armor and base health are absurdly high (200 and 1200 at max rank), investing into shields and shield recharge is a waste especially since you have a skill that heals you.
    -Hyperion Thrusters for extra flight speed, Itzal are faster than the Amesha wings but the difference is only by 0.1 speed.
    -System Reroute and Auxiliary Power for that sweet energy in order to cast our skills, Amesha skills are broken so being able to use them at all times makes us even more broken!
    -Efficient Transferral, Energy Amplifier and Primed Morphic Transformer are also pretty self explanatory, ability duration, range and strength is all we need. You can use the normal Morphic Transformer if you don't have the primed one, it will save you one forma ^^.

Ability explanation:
1st) Watchful swarm - your little drone buddies. They fly around you, really close by you and they take shots fired at you. They don't deal any damage but these guys are a life saver in open world maps where mobs shoot rockets that can kick you out of your wings. These little guys will take those shots so you can freely continue flying. Remember to cast your 4th ability before using the 1st since it will give you an extra number of drones spawned. BUT be sure that you need the drones and not the energy because the drones will deny you from taking self damage which will deny you from gaining energy from your 4th ability, I'll get to that soon.

2nd) Benevolent Decoy - a giant bubble shield. It has infinite hp aka it can soak up as much fire as needed. It consists of two bubble shields, the inner one which when taking fire heals you and your allies in 100m range (affected by strength mods, ours is 160m), and the outer one which draws enemy fire essentially acting as a decoy. This ability is your way of self sustaining. You can recast this ability up to 3 times which can increase the duration of it up to 105 seconds. You can also cheese the Thermia Fractures event with this ability by placing it on the thermia cannister and flying away. As long as you are in your wings, the shield won't disappear and you can afk and watch the cannister lose and gain it's hp until it's done. You can also use this for Eidolon hunting to protect/heal the Lures from the Eidolon scream, essentially acting as a substitute Trinity/[Wisp]. Remember to use your 4th ability before using the 2nd so that you can increase it's heal strength, the range of the bubble and it's duration.

3rd) Warding Grace - a 78% slow in a 640m radius that also provides Status Immunity to you and your allies! This is gloom on steroids. It costs energy to cast and then it drains energy per second to upkeep just like gloom. The status immunity that it provides allows you to fly head straight into walls without getting that annoying stagger animation. Remember to use your 4th ability before using this in order to gain a stronger slow in a wider range radius with the energy drain costing less since it's affected by energy efficiency and ability duration.

4th) Vengeful Rush - God Mode. Makes you literally invulnerable for 39 seconds and to top it off it functions like a [Rage] mod. It gives you energy for any damage you take which works on both your shields and health! The ability makes [Amesha] invulnerable as long as its energy pool isn't full. When the [Amesha]'s energy pool is full, the damage conversion stops, making the [Amesha] vulnerable again. It also provides a buff to yours and your allies ability duration, range and strength. This affects your other [Amesha] skills as well as warframe abilities. If you're low energy just cast this and make sure not to cast your other abilities because they will block incoming damage or slow the enemies, you want to take all the damage you can to fill that energy bar up! After that feel free to use your other abilities.

Now that you understand how Amesha works, you'll realize that none of the abilities provide any damage to the enemy so you'll be relying on your archgun/archmelee to do the killing. Other than that these wings will make you and your allies unstoppable! I advise you to pick these wings up and use them on your daily basis.

If you are looking for the fastest wings in the game with an aoe looting ability of 224 meter range go check out my Itzal guide at: