Ash Prime

Savage Shuriken Ash | Savage Silence Bladestorm + Armor Strip | Solo Steel Path

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Distraction and subterfuge become lethal weapons with Ash Prime. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.




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Damage Reduction
Ash Prime builds
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Savage Shuriken Ash | Savage Silence Bladestorm + Armor Strip | Solo Steel Path


This is a general use build focusing on using Bladestorm in conjunction with Silence from [Banshee] subsumed with the [Savage Silence] augment. Because Bladestorm counts as finisher damage, the augment [Savage Silence] multiplies Bladestorm's true damage by a very high amount. Silence also acts as a form of crowd control by stunning things for 2s (which can be refreshed repeatedly) and prevents enemies from using special abilities e.g. Violence's silence ability and all acolyte abilities, ground slams and fire waves that knockdown, Ancient hooks, Lich/sister abilities and Eximus abilities.

The augment [Seeking Shuriken] is an optional addition that allows 100% armor stripping on bulky targets such as Thrax units, Demolysts, Sisters and certain heavy enemies that bladestorm are not effective on (due to damage reduction or adaptive resistance), or maybe when you feel like shooting something with a non-slash raw damage weapon. If you don't want to use Seeking Shuriken, you can subsume silence into 1 and replace the augment with transient fortitude/[Augur Secrets] for even more bladestorm damage, [Streamline] for better energy economy or constitution for more duration for smokescreen, depending on your preference.


General Use Non-helminth:
Weapon Platform (Eclipse/Roar/Xata's):
Marked for Death Fatal Teleport Nuke:
Hybrid Roar-based Bladestorm:


  • Cast 2 to go invisible, cast 3 for silence, then spam 4 onto everything you see.
  • Prime enemies with viral status to maximise bladestorm damage
  • Cast 1 to strip armor on heavy units e.g. acolyte, nox, demolyst and use primer + melee to take them out
  • If fighting demolysts, pre-select a bunch of trash enemies then only activate bladestorm as the demolyst approaches. This will allow you to proc invisibility before you engage, which cannot be nullified.

Video demonstrating playstlye:


A positive duration helps armor strip from shuriken and invisibility which are comfortable time frames when needed. Silence lasts over half a minute. [Augur Message] is used here over [Constitution] (which is a good alternative) for the small amount of shield [Regen] on cast bonus for shield gating (this is because you can still take radial damage even while invisible).

Blade storm will cost 11.4 energy per mark or only 5.7 energy while invisible (either with arcane trickery or smokescreen). This means with primed flow you could theorectically have around 30-60 marks active. Arcane Energize is nice for energy [Regen], but zenurik and energy pads are fine too. You can add more efficiency by replacing [Seeking Shuriken] or [Augur Message] with [Streamline].

At 100%, silence has a range of 20m and bladestorm has a range of 50m which I feel are more than enough for most maps.

At 243% power strength, bladestorm has a base damage of 4860. When multiplied by [Steel Charge] and [Savage Silence], this becomes 4860 x (1+300%x243%) x 1.6 = 64,463 true damage !! At maximum 12x combo, this becomes x 3.75 = 241,736. Since this is true damage and bypasses armor, this is more than enough to one-shot pretty much every steel path enemy up to an absurdly high level, and this can be magnified even further with viral status via a primer or [Panzer Vulpaphyla]. At a maximum of 10 viral stacks, this further multiples damage by 4.25x, giving a grand total of 1,027,379 damage on hit. For reference, a steel path level 9999 bombard/heavy gunner has 805,000 health meaning this is a one-shot onto most level cap enemies (or at most a 3 shot - remember that each marked enemy takes three hits for a total of around 3 million damage per cast).

Furthermore, any enemy that somehow doesnt get one-shot will take bleed damage of at least 4256 every second for 9s, giving an additional 38,000 total damage at no combo or 143,000 at max combo (again, scaling up to about 600k with max viral stacks). Note that savage silence does NOT affect bleed procs.

Flexible Options

  • [Rolling Guard] is completely optional for most content considering you will spend nearly 100% of your time invisible, however it is still very good to get rid of sudden random cold, toxin, electric or slash procs from AOE or the environment. This becomes more important in high level endurance and can be added over augur message or seeking shuriken.
  • [Seeking Shuriken] is optional to bring to boss fights, sister fights, cascade and disruption mode for the armor strip. Can slot more duration, efficiency or power strength (e.g add transient fortitude to hit 298% str) if necessary, depending on your playstyle.
  • Primed Sure footed is optional. Can use handspring, vigilante pursuit, power drift, particularly if you run Unairu Poise.


  • Arcane Energize is great for energy [Regen] since silence costs nearly 100 energy and spamming bladestorm can wear out energy quite fast. Emergence Dissipate may be able to replace this depending on what happens with it.
  • Arcane Trickery has amazing synergy. While it has a low chance of 15% and only activates on kill (and not bleed DoT), at the rate at which this build one-shots enemies, you'll find that Trickery is consistently activating every 10-20 kills, or roughly every 5-10 seconds. This provides pretty much permanent invisibility which can NOT be dispelled by nullifiers or acolytes, unlike smoke screen. If for some reason you don't have trickery active, use smokescreen as a buffer.
  • Arcane [Fury] and Blade Charger both increase bladestorm damage further, although this is mostly unnecessary with the amount given already
  • Molt Efficiency gives more duration

  • Secondary Dexterity is great for combo duration to help maintain max combo on both bladestorm and melee

Naramon is ideal for maintaining bladestorm combo counter
Zenurik would be the go to more energy economy and slow blast (for disruption)
Unairu gives free knockdown resistance and full shield/armor strip.
Vazarin is best for endurance runs where you might need more i-frames (e.g. energy drain conduit and enemy toxin weapons disruption).


Apart from taking advantage of [Ash]'s passive bonus to slash damage, use whatever weapons you prefer, although best in slot would be magnetic [Kuva Nukor] or [Epitaph] for priming and a high slash melee or a melee stat stick if you don't want to use melee.

[Venka Prime] has a passive that increases maximum combo count. Make sure to equip either [Primed Fury] or a combination of normal [Fury] + [Quickening] on your melee to hit at least +50% attack speed cap for bladestorm animation, and something to increase combo duration such as combo duration mods or dexterity arcanes.

Example Venka 'stat stick' build here:
Innodem provide the fastest combo boost:

My favourite combo is using a melee zaw such as [Sepfahn] and doing x12 heavy attacks. This is because you use bladestorm (particularly with Rising Storm) to help build back combo lost from heavy attacks.

Sepfahn x12 heavy build for disruption:

Other strong slash based weapon setups include:

You will then want a way to maximise viral procs in AOE, either using a primer weapon or a Panzer companion:
Cedo Primer:
Kuva nukor Primer:
Epitaph Primer: