Mirage Prime

Total Malevolence Mirage | Dual Augment - max DPS | Solo Steel Path

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Dazzle the opposition with this golden master of illusion and mayhem. Featuring altered mod polarities allow for greater customization.




60 / 60


Damage Reduction
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Total Malevolence Mirage | Dual Augment - max DPS | Solo Steel Path


While the classic hall of mirrors build uses the [Hall Of Malevolence] augment to increase the damage of [Mirage]'s holograms, the often overlooked [Total Eclipse] augment actually does work on holograms and provides a much more substantial boost to hologram damage provided the lighting conditions are bright. In fact, with high enough power strength while in maximum lighting, [Mirage]'s holograms under the effect of [Total Eclipse] outdamage the player under the effect of eclipse. This is further magnified by using both augments in the same build since their effects are multiplicative. At maximum lighting and maximum stacks, each hologram does approximately 9 times more damage. Since each hologram does approx 60% of weapon damage at 300% str, the total of four clones is 240% weapon damage, which is redistrbuted over 2 holograms when using primary/secondary weapons so each hologram actually does does 120% weapon damage. Boosting this by 9x means each hologram does a maximum possible of 1080% weapon damage!

Alternative Builds

Invisibility Cloak Arrow :
House of Mirrors Crowd Control:
ESO Legerdemain Nuke:
Prism Nuke:

Build Specifics

At 323% power strength achieved with [Umbral Intensify], [Blind Rage], [Transient Fortitude] and [Growing Power], adding [Hall Of Malevolence] boosts the damage of each hologram by a multiplicative 1.5x at maximum stacks, giving the maximum achievable hologram damage, whereas adding further power strength with [Power Drift] or auger secrets provides a much smaller boost. Note that [Energy Conversion] doesn't seem to provide the correct boost to holograms but is also an option if you don't mind the interactions. The 323% power strength also allows the subsumed ability Pillage to achieve approximately 80.75% armor strip, equivalent to Fire Blast.

226.5% duration achieved with a combination of [Narrow Minded] and [Primed Continuity] allows an upkeep on both Hall of Mirrors and Eclipse of almost one minute which is very comfortable, as well as giving Pillage a very long expansion duration.

[Narrow Minded] reduces the range to 34%, which reduces the range of Total Eclipse to 5m, enough to encompass the holograms but not enough to be helpful in co-op situations. If you want to provide a little more support in co-op play, you can increase the range with [Overextended] or [Stretch].

While 45% efficiency seems low, keep in mind you only need to cast 1 and 3 roughly once every minute and 4 on occasion, meaning arcane energize is more than enough to regain any energy in the interim.

This is flexible (don't need to add an Aura forma). [Growing Power], [Enemy Radar], Corrosive Projection are all useful.
Use Brief Respite if you don't subsume pillage in order to use shield gating.

Subsumed Ability

  • Pillage (from [Hildryn]) is an amazing ability for high strength glass cannon Mirage since it provides a form of shield recovery for shield gating and up to 80% armor stripping in this build.
  • Energized Munitions is amazing when you want to spam something for non-stop damage
  • Breach Surge gives a line of sight blind for decent crowd control and relases sparks on death that is a multiple of damage done. Eclipse double dips this spark potentially creating insane amounts of damage. If you use this, you will need range by dropping narrow minded for stretch and transient fortitude for constitution.
  • Spellbind gives status and knockdown immunity, particularly useful if you don't own primed sure footed but want to use AOE weapons
  • Molt gives speed boost and draws enemy fire. Good for speedrunning.
  • Null Star can combine with health/[Adaptation] for lazy tanking but needs even more duration (drop [Transient Fortitude]). Not really recommended since you waste lots of mod slots and need augment to refresh stars if you lose them. If you have a +Dur invigoration you may be able to hit 100% damage reduction.
  • Quiver Arrow gives cloak arrow which you can shoot onto your sentinel and gain invisbility, which keeps you alive AND locks light levels for eclipse to always give light buff

Reasonably flexible depending on your playstyle. Energize and Aegis are good picks for Steel Path. Feel free to switch out for damaging arcanes e.g. Velocity, Acceleration, Avenger e.t.c.


If played right, [Mirage] should have no problems surviving and destroying all of Steel Path. The combination of [Rolling Guard] and Pillage should make you basically invincible. Shield gating allows you to survive any hit: once you see your shields are depleted you have 1.3s of invulnerability, in this time, roll (e.g. away from enemies) and press 4 to cast Pillage. By the time the invulnerability period (3 secs) ends, press 4 again to end Pillage and regain shields. (note that Pillage has a 4.5s duration and shields take 4s to recharge after depletion, so you could let Pillage finish naturally or end it prematurely depending on how much fire you are under).

Like your basic [Mirage] use, cast 1 and 3, refresh whenever they run out, kill enemies to stack [Hall Of Malevolence] boosts, try to stand in the brightest looking spots in the room and shoot everything.

Weapon Synergy
Obviously the retina destroying AOE weapons are the top pick since having holograms basically shoots two additional AOE instances each with boosted damage, thereby slightly increasing overall blast range.: [Kuva Zarr], [Kuva Ogris], [Kuva Bramma], Kuva Chakkurr [Tenet Envoy], [Sporelacer] e.t.c.

Here is a video showing how quickly [Mirage] with both augment buffs active can kill steel path lephantis using [Pyrana Prime]: