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The Glass Wielder | Gara Prime

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Continue the legend of the glass-armored warrior Gara. Dominate the battlefield with the power and purity of crystal.




60 / 60


Damage Reduction
Gara Prime builds
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The Glass Wielder | Gara Prime

Hello everyone,

My name is UltimoFive and today we are going over [Gara Prime], The Glass Wielder.

Frame Information

  • [Gara Prime] is the Prime Version of [Gara] and was released alongside Astilla Prime and Volnus Prime. In order to obtain [Gara Prime] one must open a variety of relics that contain her Blueprint, Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics in order to make her at the foundry.

  • Gara Prime requires a Mastery Rank of 0.

  • [Gara Prime] comes with 2 "V" and a "Dash" Polarity Slot, plus a "D" Aura Slot. Because of this, the builds on her will require 3 forma.

  • [Gara Prime] is an extremely versatile frame in which her abilities can be used for protection or devastation.

Comparison to the Original Gara

Gara Prime has been buffed compared to the Original Gara. These buffs would be:

  • Higher Health Pool at 120/360 Vs. 100/300

  • Higher Armor at 190 Vs. 150

  • Comes with an additional "Dash" Polarity Slot

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages


  • High Health Pool at 120/360

  • Fast Sprint Speed at 1.15


  • None....I think that is a first

Ability & Augmentation Overview

  • Passive - [Gara]'s Passive makes it so while [Gara] is standing in light it has a chance to blind enemies within 12 meters for 10 seconds, opening them up to melee finishers. Honestly, at first it seems that her Passive is a bit lack luster, but in the right lighting can be fairly useful and powerful. Explosions such as that from the Kuva Ogris or even the blast from Astilla Prime can trigger her passive as well.

  • Shattering Lash - [Gara]'s First Ability thrusts her glass longsword upon button press with Puncture Damage, knocking back all enemies. However, when the ability is held, it instead will sweep from left to right dealing Slash Damage, bashing them away in a ragdoll state. This ability can be used in junction with Mass Vitrify, causing it to explode outwardly and deal damage to enemies outside the barrier. Along with this if Splinter Storm is active, then 50% of the explosion damage, from Mass Vitrify is permanently added to it's Damage per Second until its duration expires, as long as [Gara Prime] is outside the barrier. This ability can also be synergized with a Stat Stick, a Melee build that is used to increase the abilities damage in order to help stack Splinter Storm much faster. This will be shown in the guide later on, but that is pretty much all there is to this ability, it is simply an ability that synergizes with the rest of Gara Prime's kit.

  • Splinter Storm - Gara's Second Ability shatters her glass armor into a razor-sharp storm of fragments that encircles her, allies, or an enemy she targets. Enemies caught within the storm are dealt damage per second, receive increased damage vulnerability, and are constantly pushed away from the center. Alongside this, allies receive damage resistance to enemy attacks when inside the storm. With her augmentation, [Mending Splinters], the storm heals friendly targets with the healing being increased for every target affected by Splinter Storm. Along with what was mentioned before there is a second way to increase Splinter Storm's Damage permanently and that is with Spectrorage. If a mirror from Spectrorage shatters inside Splinter Storm's radius than 50% of the mirrors damage will be added to Splinter Storm. This ability is what makes [Gara Prime] so powerful. Since it can be stacked indefinitely she can essentially one shot all enemies up to level 9,999 if one is to try hard enough in a mission. On top of this she also gains up to a cap of 90% Damage Reduction.

  • Spectrorage - [Gara]'s Third Ability summons a spinning carousel of spectral mirrors at a targeted location. Enemies are than charmed to move inside the carousel and attack the mirrors upon seeing their own reflections. Each Mirror that breaks, releases spectral energy back at the attacker and after a specific amount are broken causes the carousel to collapse and explode, damaging all within the ring. With her augmentation, [Spectrosiphon], it makes enemies that die within the carousel have a 50% chance to drop an energy orb. A lot of people say that this ability is worthless and terrible, but honestly it is pretty good, at least with her Augment Spectrosiphon acting as a Band-Aid for the ability. Without it I would say it isn't something necessary, except that it is her source of energy. That is all there really is about this ability, nothing else to add other than what was already said.

  • Mass Vitrify - [Gara]'s Fourth Ability coats herself in a shell of hardened glass and becomes immobile and invulnerable to damage, as she unleashes a radial ring of molten glass that expands outward and downwards. As it is expanding, if a enemy comes in contact with the wall than they become crystallized over 3 seconds, slowing movement and attack speed until completely solidified. Everything special about this ability has already been talked about and there really isn't much more to say. Other than it is pretty much used in combination with Splinter Storm and Shattering Lash in order to increase Damage of Splinter Storm or it is used as a wall to help in defensive type missions such as: Defense, Mobile Defense, and Excavation.


[Gara] The Unstoppable:

[Gara] The Unstoppable's Build for [Gara Prime] utilizes an Extremely Large Increase Duration, with a Medium Increase to Range, and a Small Increase to Strength. The Build’s Flex Slot is [Stretch] or [Augur Message] and works wonderfully. This build is meant for Late Game, although it can take a bit of practice to get used to using the Splinter Storm combo. It still is a great tank build with the potential to deal massive amounts of damage by simply walking into crowds of enemies. Since Damage Reduction caps at 90% at 129 Ability Strength, it doesn't need to be too high and mixing in a high Ability Duration helps with the expensiveness of [Gara Prime]'s abilities. On top of this, [Spectrosiphon] is on the build to assist with energy problems.

The Glass [Guardian]:

The Glass [Guardian] Build for [Gara Prime] utilizes an Extremely Large Increase to Strength, a Large increase to Duration, and a slightly adjusted Range and Effciency. The Build's Flex Slot is [Augur Secrets] and is simply a wall build. This build is essentially meant for defensive play such as defending the team or an objective, such as: Defense or Excavation. It isn't necessarily built around Splinter Storm, due to the lower Duration. However, it still can be done so one can still ramp up damage if they choose to do so, otherwise it is primarily used for the capped Damage Reduction and a Stronger Wall Casting.

The Glass Mender:

The Glass Mender Build for [Gara Prime] utilizes an Large Increase to Duration and Strength, and a Small increase to Range. The Build's Flex Slot is Augur Message and is a Tank-Healer build that is essentially team-oriented. It focuses on giving teammates Durability through Damage Reduction, Health [Regen] through [Mending Splinters], and gives the ability of all players with Splinter Storm on them to do immense damage, AS LONG as the duration gets refreshed when [Gara] needs to do her combo. This isn't anything like the first 2 builds, however, since the first one primarily focuses on Gara herself, and the second one focuses on Objective Protection.

Stat Stick Builds

  • [Venka Prime] Stat Stick:

    The Venka Prime Stat Stick can realistically be whatever combination of Elemental Mods and/or Physical Mods. Anything that increases Damage is what your aim is at, along with getting that sweet 4.0x additional damage for shattering Lash by getting to your combo cap at 13x. The Utility for stacking comes from [Primed Reach], Drifting Contact, and Quickening. However, if one wants to change these to just do more damage, one can do so.

  • [Fragor Prime] Stat Stick:

    The Fragor Prime Stat Stick can realistically be whatever combination of Elemental Mods and/or Physical Mods. Anything that increases Damage or Combo Count is what your aim is at. There is Utility for building up to your combo cap with [Quickening] and [Drifting Contact]. However, if one wants to change these to just do more Damage, one can do so.

Recommended Alternative Modifications

First off, I changed the Aura Slot to "Scratch" Polarity. This means only [Brief Respite] can go there, but that is okay due to how useful it is with [Gara Prime]. However, if one chooses to use an Aura Forma on her, then one can place any Aura Mod there that benefits them and what they are doing currently.

  • Intensify - In place of its Umbral Counterpart if you don't have it.

  • Continuity - In place of its Primed Counterpart if you don't have it.

  • Streamline - In place of the Build's Flex Slot in order to help with her expensive abilities.

  • Augur Reach - In place of Augur Message in the Gara the Unstoppable build in order to help increase charm range for Spectrorage.

  • Mending Splinters - In place of [Augur Secrets] in the Glass [Guardian] build if one chooses to have Health Regen that can be placed on Defense objects, such as Excavators and Armored Vaults.

Arcane Synergy

  • Arcane Energize - Upon Energy Pickup, 60% chance to replenish Energy to nearby allies.

  • Arcane Grace - Upon Health being Damaged, 9% chance for 6% Health Regen for 9 seconds.

  • Arcane Eruption - Upon Energy Pickup, 100% chance to Knockdown nearby enemies.

  • Arcane Victory - Upon Headshot Kill, 75% chance for 3% Health Regen for 9 seconds.

  • Arcane Guardian - Upon being Damaged, 15% chance for 900 Armor for 20 seconds.

  • Arcane Nullifier - Which provides a 102% chance to resist a Magnetic Status Effect entirely.

  • Arcane Aegis - Upon being Damaged, 3% chance for 30% Shield Regen for 12 seconds.

  • Arcane Blade Charger - On Primary Weapon Kill, 30% chance for 300% Melee Damage for 12 seconds, which benefits Shattering Lash.

  • Arcane Fury - On Critical Hit, 60% chance for 180% Melee Damage to Melee Weapons for 18 seconds, which benefits Shattering Lash.


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