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The 3-Way Shooter | Tiberon Prime

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Art meets ingenuity with this beautifully deadly rifle.




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The 3-Way Shooter | Tiberon Prime

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Hello everyone,

My name is UltimoFive and today we are going over the Tiberon Prime, The 3-Way Shooter.

Weapon Information

  • [Tiberon Prime] is the Prime Version of [Tiberon] and was released alongside Kronen Prime and [Zephyr Prime]. In order to obtain [Tiberon Prime] one must open a variety of relics that contain the Blueprint, Barrel, Receiver, and Stock in order to make it at the foundry.

  • Tiberon Prime requires a mastery rank of 14.

  • [Tiberon Prime] comes with a "V" and 2 "Dash" Polarity Slots, plus "V" Exilus Slot. Because of this, the builds on this weapon will require 3 Forma with Galvanized Modifications and Normal Modifications. However, both Build Sets have one Different Polarity Forma.

  • Tiberon Prime excels in Close to Slightly-Long Range Combat and deals with High Leveled Enemies of all Factions in Small to Medium Crowds.

  • Tiberon Prime has an Alternative Fire that Switches the weapon between Full-Auto Mode, Burst-Fire Mode, and Semi-Auto Mode.

Comparison to the Original [Tiberon]

The [Tiberon Prime] has a lot of buffs when compared to the original [Tiberon] in different areas. Considering the Original Tiberon was only a Burst Rifle we will be comparing Burst Modes. These stats would be:

  • Higher Base Damage at 46.0 Vs. 44.0

  • Higher Critical Chance at 28% Vs. 26%

  • Higher Critical Multiplier at 3.0x Vs. 2.4x

  • Higher Status Chance at 20% Vs. 16%

  • Faster Reload Speed at 2 Seconds Vs. 2.26 Seconds

  • Larger Magazine Size at 42 Rounds Vs. 30 Rounds

  • Lower Fire Rate at 7.38 Rounds Per Seconds Vs. 9.09 Rounds Per Seconds

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages

Full-Auto Advantages:

  • Very High Critical Multiplier at 2.8x

  • Very High Status Chance at 32%

Semi-Auto Advantages:

  • Very High Critical Chance at 30%

  • Extremely High Critical Multiplier at 3.4x

Burst-Fire Advantages:

  • Very High Critical Chance at 28%

  • High Status Chance at 20%

  • Very High Critical Multiplier at 3.0x


  • Full-Auto Mode has High Recoil


Galvanized Corpus: Total Damage - 0 | Average Hit - 0 | Burst DPS - 0 | Sustained DPS - 0 | Tested up to Level 145

The Elements for the Tiberon Prime against the Corpus will be Viral/Electricity. Viral amplifies health damage by 100% for 6 seconds and stacks up to 10 times for a total of 325%. Meanwhile, Electricity stuns the target for 3 seconds and deals 50% base damage per second for 6 seconds. The Build's Flex Slot is [High Voltage] or [Primed Bane Of Corpus] and works wonderfully. The weapon easily can handle all enemies of the Corpus Faction in any mode without any issues once the player starts stacking Galvanized Buffs. However, I for one prefer Burst-Fire due to its equalized Stats.

Galvanized Corrupted & Grineer: Total Damage - 0 | Average Hit - 0 | Burst DPS - 0 | Sustained DPS - 0 | Tested up to Level 145

The Elements for the Tiberon Prime against the Corrupted and Grineer will be Viral/Slash or Viral/Heat. Slash's status effect is Bleed and after 1 second it deals 35% of the base damage per second for 6 seconds, which bypasses armor. The Build's Flex Slot is [Primed Bane Of Corrupted] or Grineer and is great. The only problem I found with this Build is with [Galvanized Scope]. Essentially getting Headshot Kills can be a bit Tricky due to how deadly the Bleed Procs will end up being for the weapon, making it slightly difficult to stack Critical Chance. However, it still performs very well and slaughters the Corrupted and Grineer like they are nothing.

Galvanized Infested: Total Damage - 0 | Average Hit - 0 | Burst DPS - 0 | Sustained DPS - 0 | Tested up to Level 145

The Elements for the Tiberon Prime against the Infested will be Viral/Heat or Corrosive/Heat. Corrosive reduces armor by 26% for 8 seconds and stacks up to 10 times for a total of 80%. Meanwhile, Heat deals 50% base damage per second over 6 seconds while stripping up to 50% armor and causes targets to panic. The Build's Flex Slot is [Thermite Rounds] or [Primed Bane Of Infested] and works extremely great. I honestly think that this weapon actually performs the best against the Infested just because you can stay in Full-Auto Mode and just mow everything down without a care in the world.

Non-Galvanized Builds

  • Corpus:

  • Corrupted & Grineer:

  • Infested:

The Elements for the Tiberon Prime with the Non-Galvanized Build will follow Viral/Electricity for the Corpus, Viral/Slash for the Corrupted and Grineer, and Viral/Heat for the Infested. This Build is for those who don't have access to Arbitration to obtain any Galvanized Mods or for those who simply just don't want to use any of the Mods in their setup.. It works fairly well compared to the Galvanized Builds, but isn't as powerful. However, it still works well into Late Game.

Recommended Alternative Mods

  • Bane Mods - In place of their Primed Counterparts if you don't have them.

  • Point Strike - In place of Galvanized Scope if you are having issues with keeping up on stacks or if you don't have it.

  • Bladed Rounds - In place of the Build's Bane Faction Mod if you don't like using Faction Mods.

  • (Primed) Shred - In place of the Build's Flex Slot in order to help deal with Larger Crowds and Enemies in the Steel Path.

Synergy with Tiberon Prime

There are several ways to enhance Critical Stats and Damage for this weapon:


  • Rhino's Roar adds bonus damage.

  • [Nova]'s Molecular Prime makes all sources of damage increase by 100% against primed enemies, on top of that they will detonate upon death dealing blast damage.

  • Mirage's Eclipse mixed with her Hall of Mirrors adds a massive damage bonus during the day or in light.

  • Saryn's Toxic Lash mixed with her Spores abilities.

  • Equinox's Rest & Rage in Day Form makes targets more vulnerable to Damage.

  • Wisp's Haste Reservoir bolsters fire rate, in turn increasing DPS.

  • Chroma's Vex Armor when Health gets damaged increases Weapon Damage.

Critical Stats:

  • Harrow's Covenant can add up to 50% Critical Chance and 200% on headshots.

  • Volt's Electric Shield when shot through adds a 200% Critical Damage Multiplier.

  • Zephyr's Passive increases Critical Chance by 150% while airborne.

  • Adarza Kavat with Cat's Eye can give a 60% Critical Chance boost.

  • Smeeta Kavat with Charm can give a 200% Crit Chance.

Arcane Synergy

  • Arcane Rage - Upon getting Headshot, 15% chance for 180% Damage to Primary Weapons for 24 seconds.

  • Arcane Avenger - Upon being damaged, 21% chance for 45% Critical Chance for 12 seconds.

  • Arcane Primary Charger - On Melee Kill, 30% chance for 300% damage to Primary Weapons for 12 seconds.

  • Arcane Acceleration - Upon Critical Hit, 30% chance for 90% Fire Rate to Primary Weapons for 9 seconds.

  • Arcane Arachne - On Wall Latch, 150% Damage for 30 seconds.

Primary Arcane:

  • Primary Merciless - On Kill 30% Damage for 4 seconds, which stacks up to 12 times and comes with 30% Reload Speed and 100% Max Ammo. This Arcane I would say is more beneficial to [Tiberon Prime] against the Corrupted and Grineer with [Hunter Munitions] on. However, the rest of the Builds I would suggest Primary Deadhead which on Headshot Kill 120% Damage for 24 seconds, which stacks up to 3 times and comes with a 30% Headshot Multiplier and decreased 50% Weapon Recoil. This is mainly due to just aiming for the head and the Headshot Multiplier.

Riven Synergy

When you get your hands on a Riven for this weapon the Flex Slot to replace will be the Build's said Flex Slot previously discussed and can cost up to 2 more Forma. In order to maximize Damage Output with the Tiberon Prime, one will need to get lucky and get some nice stats. These Ideal Stats would be:

  • Ideal Stats - The Ideal Stats would be; Critical Damage, Critical Chance, Multishot, and Negative Zoom or Weapon Recoil.

  • Secondary Ideal Stats - The Next Best Stats would be; Critical Damage, Critical Chance, Fire Rate, and Negative Zoom or Weapon Recoil.


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