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The Obsidian Shot | Rubico Prime | Revisited

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For the hunter, the apex of the sniper's art. For the hunted, a gateway to the next life.




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The Obsidian Shot | Rubico Prime | Revisited

Hello everyone,

My name is UltimoFive and today we are going to be revisiting the [Rubico Prime], The Obsidian Shot.

Weapon Information

  • [Rubico Prime] is the Prime Version of [Rubico] and was released alongside Gram Prime and [Chroma Prime]. In order to obtain [Rubico Prime] one must open a variety of relics that contain the Receiver, Barrel, Stock, and Blueprint in order to make it at the foundry.

  • Rubico Prime requires a mastery rank of 12.

  • [Rubico Prime] comes with 2 "V" Polarity Slots, plus "Dash" Exilus Slot. Because of this, the builds on this weapon will require 4 forma.

  • [Rubico Prime] excels in Medium to Extremely Long Range Combat and deals with High Leveled enemies of all factions in Small to Medium Crowds, but mainly excels against Single Targets.

Comparison to Original Rubico

The Rubico Prime had a lot of buffs when compared to the original Rubico in different areas. These stats would be:

  • Higher Base Damage at 187.0 Vs. 180.0

  • Higher Critical Chance at 38% Vs. 30%

  • Higher Status Chance at 16% Vs. 12%

  • Higher Fire Rate at 3.67 Rounds/Sec Vs. 2.67 Rounds/Sec

  • Faster Reload Speed at 2.0 Seconds Vs. 2.4 Seconds

  • Severely Reduced Recoil

  • Lower Zoom Distance at 2.5x/5x Vs. 3.5x/6x

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages


  • Very High Critical Chance at 38%

  • Extremely High Critical Multiplier at 3.0x

  • Pinpoint Accuracy while Zoomed In

  • Very Low Recoil

  • Innate 1 meter Punch Through

  • Has Two Zoom Modes which Increases Critical Multiplier from 35% to 50%

  • Very Small Shot Combo Requirement for Snipers which starts at 1


  • Linear Damage Falloff from 100% to 50% from 400m to 600m

  • Below Average Status Chance at 16%

  • Inaccurate beyond Short Range when fired from the hip


Corpus | Tested up to Level 155

The Elements for the Rubico Prime against the Corpus will be Viral/Electricity. Electricity stuns the target for 3 seconds and deals 50% base damage per second for 6 seconds. The Build's Flex Slots are [Stormbringer] or [Primed Bane Of Corpus] and works very will with just Viral if [Stormbringer] is taken out. Electricity is essentially on the Build to help with Robotic enemies in dealing more Damage against them. However, with a Riven mod or [Critical Delay] to replace it, the difference isn't too noticeable. It works very well into the Steel Path as well, with just annihilating all Corpus Class enemies without an issue.

Corrupted & Grineer | Tested up to Level 155

The Elements for the Rubico Prime against the Corrupted and Grineer will be Viral/Slash. Viral amplifies health damage by 100% for 6 seconds and stacks up to 10 times for a total of 325%. Meanwhile, Slash's status effect is Bleed and after 1 second it deals 35% of the base damage per second for 6 seconds, which bypasses armor. The Build's Flex Slot is [Primed Bane Of Grineer] and works extremely well into Late Game and the Steel Path. Simply stack up Critical Chance with Headshot kills on the Lower Tiered enemies and then kill off the higher tiered enemies. There isn't really anything else to add, other then go nuts!

Infested | Tested up to Level 155

The Elements for the [Rubico Prime] against the Infested will be Gas. Gas deals 50% base damage per second for 6 seconds in a 3 meter radius and stacks up to 10 times to a total of 6 meters. The Build's Flex Slot is [Bladed Rounds] and is kind of silly with how well it works. Even though Gas is better with Status Dominant weapons, it actually performs really well. However, when a Gas proc does occur it is a bit ridiculous with the amount of Damage it deals.

Eidolon Hunting:

The Elements for the [Rubico Prime] for Eidolon Hunting will be Radiation. The Build's Flex Slot is [Hammer Shot] and works very well against the Eidolons by just focusing on Radiation Damage and enhanced Crits with [Vigilante Supplies]. [Speed Trigger] mixed with [Wildfire] are on the Build to help with firing faster with a slightly bigger clip to keep the Shot Combo Counter up in order to do even more Damage against the Eidolons. Mixed with [Volt Prime] or Chroma Prime this weapon becomes a deadly sniper to take against these Grand Bosses.

Recommended Alternative Mods

  • Vigilante Supplies or Ambush Optics - In place of having no Exilus Mod. This will cost 1-2 more Forma in order to have, but can help with the weapons Ammo and increased Crit enhancement for Vigilante Supplies, while **Ambush Optics helps with reducing Zoom.

  • Critical Delay or Point Strike - In place of Galvanized Scope if one doesn't have access to the mod through Arbitration or prefers just Flat Critical Chance.

  • Split Chamber - In place of Galvanized Chamber if one doesn't have access to the mod through Arbitration.

  • Bane Mods - In place of their Primed Counterparts if one doesn't have them.

  • Bladed Rounds - In place of the Build's Bane Faction Mod if one don't like using Faction Mods. If Bladed Rounds is already being used, then the next best mod would be Critical Delay or Point Strike.

  • Vile Acceleration - In place of Speed Trigger in the Eidolon Hunting Build if one would prefer an even Higher Fire Rate at the cost Less Damage.

  • Hellfire - In place of [Wildfire] in the Eidolon Hunting Build if one would prefer Flat Radiation Damage increase over having an extended magazine. However, this will require an Extra Forma, unless one sacrifices [Vigilante Supplies].

Synergy with Rubico Prime

There are several ways to enhance Critical Stats and Damage for this weapon:


  • Rhino's Roar adds Bonus Damage.

  • [Nova]'s Molecular Prime makes all sources of Damage increase by 100% against Primed Enemies, on top of that they will detonate upon death dealing Blast Damage.

  • Saryn's Toxic Lash mixed with her Spores abilities.

  • Mirage's Eclipse adds a Massive Damage bonus during the Day or in Light.

  • Equinox's Rest & Rage in Day Form makes targets more Vulnerable to Damage.

  • Chroma's Vex Armor when Health gets damaged increases Weapon Damage.

Critical Stats:

  • Harrow's Covenant can add up to 50% Critical Chance and 200% on headshots.

  • Volt's Electric Shield when shot through adds a 200% Critical Damage Multiplier.

  • [Nidus]' Virulence with his Teeming Virulence Augmentation grants a large increase to Critical Chance upon hitting 4 enemies.

  • Zephyr's Passive increases Critical Chance by 150% while airborne.

  • Adarza Kavat with Cat's Eye can give a 60% Critical Chance boost. (Only Activates Within 25 meters though)

  • Smeeta Kavat with Charm can give a 200% Crit Chance.

Arcane Synergy

  • Arcane Acceleration - On Critical Hit, 30% chance for 90% Fire Rate for 9 seconds.

  • Arcane Momentum - On Critical Hit, 60% chance for 150% Reload Speed to Snipers for 12 seconds.

  • Arcane Primary Charger - On Melee Kill, 30% chance for 300% damage to Primary Weapons for 12 seconds.

  • Arcane Rage - Upon getting a Headshot, 15% chance for 180% Damage to Primary Weapons for 24 seconds.

  • Arcane Arachne - On Wall Latch, 150% Damage for 30 seconds.

Primary Arcane

  • Primary Deadhead - On Primary Headshot Kill 120% Primary Weapon Damage for 24 seconds, which stacks up to 3 times and includes a 30% Headshot Multiplier and -50% Weapon Recoil.

Riven Synergy

When you get your hands on a Riven for this weapon the Flex Slot to replace will be what was previously discussed before. This may require 1-2 more Forma and in order to maximize Damage Output with the Rubico Prime, one will need to get lucky and get some nice stats. My Ideal Stats would be:

  • Ideal Stats - The Ideal Stats would be; Fire Rate, Critical Damage, Critical Chance, and Negative Zoom or Weapon Recoil.

  • Eidolon Hunting Ideal Stats - My Ideal Hunting Stats would be; Damage, Multishot, Critical Chance, and Negative Zoom or Weapon Recoil.


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