The Grim Impaler | Epitaph | Revisited

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Sevagoth's wrist-mounted sidearm fires a chilling slow-moving slab, guaranteed to slow enemies for easier marksmanship. Charge the shot to fire a punishing high-velocity, high critical chance slab that punches through barriers. Deals additional headshot damage in Sevagoth's hands.




60 / 60


1 / 40
Charged Shot
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Epitaph builds
Builds by UltimoFive

The Grim Impaler | Epitaph | Revisited

Hello everyone,

My name is UltimoFive and today we are going to be revisiting the [Epitaph], The Grim Impaler.

Weapon Information

  • Epitaph is Sevagoth's signature sidearm that fires slow-moving slabs that slow enemies upon contact. In order to obtain [Epitaph] one must farm Void Storms on the Earth, Venus, and Saturn Proxima's in Railjack. The materials necessary in order to make it at the foundry are the Barrel, Receiver, and the Blueprint.

  • Epitaph requires a mastery rank of 8.

  • Epitaph comes with 2 "V", plus a "Dash" Exilus Slot. Because of this, the builds on this weapon will require 3-4 Forma.

  • [Epitaph] excels in Close to Long Range Combat, dealing with High Leveled Enemies of all factions against Single Targets and Small Crowds.

  • [Epitaph] has a secondary function that, when upon not being fully charged, will release an explosive slab that procs guaranteed Cold statuses upon impact with a surface or an enemy.


Charged Shot Advantages:

  • Very High Critical Chance at 48%

  • Very High Critical Multiplier at 2.6x

  • Innate 2 meter Punch Through

  • Very Fast Charge Speed at 0.36 Seconds

Uncharged Shot Advantages:

  • Extremely High Status Chance at 50%

  • Guaranteed Cold Procs

  • Explodes in a 8 meter radius upon impact with a surface or enemy.

Advantages Overall:

  • Has Guaranteed Impact Procs.

  • No Magazine, hence no reloading.

  • If wielded by Sevagoth, then the weapon receives a 20% Headshot Damage buff


Charged Shot Disadvantages:

  • Low Status Chance at 4%

Uncharged Shot Disadvantages:

  • Extremely Low Critical Chance at 2%

  • Extremely Low Critical Multiplier at 1.2x

  • Explosions Inflict Self Stagger

Disadvantages Overall:

  • Projectiles have Travel Time


Corpus | 4 Forma | Tested Up To Level 150

Electricity Build:

Magnetic Build:

The Elements for the [Epitaph] against the Corpus will be Magnetic or Electricity. Magnetic amplifies shield damage by 100% and nullifies the [Regen] of shields for 6 seconds which stacks up to 10 times for a total of 325%. Meanwhile, Electricity stuns the target for 3 seconds and deals 50% base damage per second for 6 seconds. The Build's Flex Slot is [Lethal Torrent] for the Magnetic Build and [Lethal Torrent] or [Sharpened Bullets] for the Electricity Build. Both Builds work very well. However, Magnetic is for more offensive play with shredding shields and reducing shield [Regen], while Electricity is for defensive play that is used for major CC to hold enemies still while shooting the down.

Corrupted & Grineer:

Viral | 4 Forma | Tested Up To Level 150

Viral | 3 Forma | Tested Up To Level 150

The Element for the [Epitaph] against the Corrupted and Grineer will be Viral. Viral amplifies health damage by 100% for 6 seconds and stacks up to 10 times for a total of 325%. The Build's Flex Slot is [Lethal Torrent] for the 3 Forma Build and [Primed Expel Corrupted] or Grineer for the 4 Forma Build. Both Builds work great and the only real difference is that the 4 Forma Build has no Fire Rate increase to help the weapon's Charge Speed, while the 3 Forma Build does. However, this lack of Charge Speed with the 4 Forma Build can be much better due to the ridiculous Bleed Proc Damage through the utilization of the Corrupted or Grineer Faction mod equipped.

Infested | 4 Forma | Tested Up To Level 150

The Element for the [Epitaph] against the Infested will be Gas. Gas deals 50% base damage per second for 6 seconds in a 3 meter radius and stacks up to 10 times to a total of 6 meters. The Build's Flex Slot is [Lethal Torrent] and is great in all situations against the entire Infested Faction. This is mainly due to the [Epitaph]'s Uncharged Shot being able to take care of normal infested enemies easily and then its Charged Shot being used to take care of the bigger enemies. It works extremely well into the Steel Path as well!

The Condition Overload Build | 0 Forma

Non-Viral Primer:

Viral Primer:

The [Condition Overload] Primer Builds for the [Epitaph] focuses on placing as many statuses onto enemies for your melee weapons. The Build's Flex Slots are [Augur Seeker] or [Perpetual Agony] if you don't own [Augur Seeker]. However, if [Perpetual Agony] is used then the player has to Forma at least once or just not equip a Ammo Mutation Mod. This Build focuses on Status Stacks through Cold, Blast, Gas, and Magnetic, which can give a 320% Damage Increase for one's melee weapon. However, one can easily add Viral and Radiation instead for easy Viral Priming instead.

Recommended Alternative Mods

  • Lethal Momentum - In place of having no Exilus Mod. This will cost two more Forma in order to have though, but greatly helps with its slow projectile speed. However, I still suggest sticking with Ammo Mutation Mods.

  • Barrel Diffusion - In place of Galvanzied Diffusion if one doesn't have access to the mod through Arbitration or doesn't have it.

  • Target Cracker - In place of Primed Target Cracker if one don't have it.

  • Pistol Gambit - In place of Primed Pistol Gambit if one don't have it.

  • Expel Faction Mods - In place of their Primed Counterparts if one doesn't have them.

  • Perpetual Agony - In place of Augur Seeker if one doesn't have it.

  • Lethal Torrent - In place of The Build's Primed Expel Mod if one doesn't like using Faction Mods.

Synergy with Epitaph

There are several ways to enhance Critical Stats and Damage for this weapon:


  • Rhino's Roar adds bonus damage.

  • [Nova]'s Molecular Prime makes all sources of damage increase by 100% against primed enemies, on top of that they will detonate upon death dealing blast damage.

  • Saryn's Toxic Lash mixed with her Spores abilities.

  • Mirage's Eclipse adds a massive damage bonus during the day or in light.

  • Equinox's Rest & Rage in Day Form makes targets more vulnerable to Damage.

  • [Wisp]'s Haste Reservoir bolsters Charge Speed, in turn increasing DPS. Note: This can negatively impact the weapon as well with the Corrupted & Grineer Build.

  • Chroma's Vex Armor when Health gets damaged increases Weapon Damage.

Critical Stats:

  • Harrow's Covenant can add up to 50% Critical Chance and 200% on headshots.

  • Volt's Electric Shield when shot through adds a 200% Critical Damage Multiplier.

  • Zephyr's Passive increases Critical Chance by 150% while airborne.

  • Yareli's Passive increases Critical Chance by 200% after moving around for at least 1.5 seconds.

  • Adarza Kavat with Cat's Eye can give a 60% Critical Chance boost.

  • Smeeta Kavat with Charm can give a 200% Crit Chance.

Arcane Synergy

  • Arcane Precision - On Headshot, 100% chance for 300% damage to pistols for 18 seconds.

  • Arcane Awakening - On reload, 60% chance for 150% damage to pistols for 24 seconds.

  • Arcane Avenger - Upon getting hit, 21% chance for 45% Critical Chance for 12 seconds.

  • Arcane Arachne - On Wall Latch, 150% Damage for 30 seconds.

Secondary Arcanes

  • Secondary Merciless - On Kill 30% Damage for 4 seconds, which stacks up to 12 times and comes with 30% Reload Speed and 100% Max Ammo. This arcane is for the Main Faction Builds.

  • Secondary Dexterity - On Melee Kill 60% Damage for 20 seconds, which stacks up to 6 times and comes with 7.5 seconds Combo Duration and 60% Holster Speed. This arcane is for the [Condition Overload] Builds.

Riven Synergy

When you get your hands on a Riven for this weapon the Flex Slot to replace will be what was previously discussed before. This can require 1 more Forma and in order to maximize Damage output with Epitaph, one will need to get lucky and get some nice stats. My Ideal Stats would be:

  • Ideal Stats - The Ideal Stats would be; Damage, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and Negative Zoom or Magazine Capacity.

  • Conditional Overload Stats - These Ideal Stats would be; Status Chance, Multishot, Status Duration, and Negative Zoom or Magazine Capacity.


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