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Cast a long shadow with this lethal enforcer. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.




60 / 60


Damage Reduction
Mesa Prime builds
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MinMaxed | Stronk Mesa

[Mesa]'s a mid level clear monster that can scale in to the steel path with some armour strip. If she can target something, it won't survive long.


Synth Reflex: boost's the cast time of DE-ACTIVATING your 4. Meaning you spend less time being a stationary target to be shot at.
Mod for strength mods without dropping efficiency. Duration for pillage range and less often buff refresh's as well as corrupted mod offset.
[Enemy Radar] stacks well with [Primed Animal Instinct] allowing you to plan your engagements and never be surprised about what's around the corner, even if said corner is 60 meters away. And let's face it, auras as a slot suck, hard.
Arcane velocity saves you a valuable slot on your [Regulators] (Allows you to remove [Anemic Agility]) and should absolutely be considered a core arcane.

Alternatives: On paper you could swap synth with a different exilus and use [Vigorous Swap] but the buff is clunky (As it only triggers when you TURN OFF your 4) and the damage increase is minimal. [Corrosive Projection] somewhat helps in steel path missions or longer armoured runs but you're better off subsuming strip. Swapping out transient or secrets for [Blind Rage] if additional firepower is needed is also an option. A positive range build that focuses on CC is also an option and although it's somewhat cute you should remember that death is the best form of CC. If your exilus is more valuable than your aura you can run [Speed Holster] instead although that won't be as beneficial for your teammates.


Most of [Mesa]'s energy flows out for spamming her 4 (and subsumes) not channeling her 4. So max efficiency is borderline a must (But you can get away with 130 if you want to trade the sustain for additional burst). [Streamline] and Fleeting shouldn't be maxed as cast cost is capped at 175% efficiency (If not going [Blind Rage] of course). Energize isn't mandatory, zenurik is nice to keep you topped, and if everything else fails, pop a pad. Duration mods help buffs be cast less often.

Alternatives: In index runs, where you're playing as the DPS and the points carry, I suggest you dump secrets for [Primed Flow]. And if you're just on DPS duty you can slot an additional enemy aura mod as finding the enemies is usually the most time consuming thing in the index. If you're not using weapons that would cause self staggers you can swap [Primed Sure Footed] out for [Primed Continuity].


Mesas survivability comes from killing everything faster than it kills you, [Rolling Guard], shield gating, and spoilermode. On lower levels shatter shield also does the job keeping you above health damage but that eventually falls off. If you want to go for a more face-tanky option you can swap energize for aegis which will have plenty of chances to trigger on lower level missions due to the damage reduction of shatter shield. [Primed Sure Footed] is mostly there so that you don't self stagger yourself with explosive weapons as during her 4 [Mesa] is immune to knockdowns and staggers anyway.


Pillage: Too good not to be used, provides you with armour strip that [Mesa] desperately needs, another status cleanse outside of [Rolling Guard] as well as two shield gate resets per cast (assuming you're using an augur mod somewhere.)
[Xata]'s wisper Great for sentients.
Fire Blast: Range too low as is, it's alright if you mod for range but pillage is just superior.
Breach surge: Range too low as is, and even if you mod for range adding more raw damage doesn't really fix the armour issue.
Roar: Costly and a relatively inconsequential buff if you're using banes.
Green Elemental Ward It gives swap speed... If you really can't afford any slot for it... it still dumb though.

Note: If using a subsume that requires more duration than the current economy allows for consider slotting in [Primed Continuity] instead of [Primed Sure Footed].


Your 2 and 3 buffs are sorta inconsequential if you have more energy than you know what to do with it, keep them up. Most of your time is spent jumping, casting 4, killing everything you can see, decasting 4 then landing, if facing incredibly tanky enemies take some times to primed them with viral from your weapons as well as strip their armour with pillage. Then you keep repeating the same process until you're bored of playing mesa.


[Mesa's Waltz] is bad, it's massive slot waster that does nothing but boost your style points. Using it slows you down compared to how you should be playing which is the exact opposite of what it should be doing. Although triggering [Rolling Guard] without needing to turn off 4 might sound appealing, remember that swap speed mods make turning 4 off already pretty instant.
[Pistol Amp], no matter how much sense this mod makes thematically it's a horrendous damage buff to any secondary but it's especially bad on [Mesa]. [Mesa]'s gets additive +dmg to her peacemakers from her strength. The 27% damage boost from the amp ends up being less than a 4% overall damage boost on a proper build. It's a sad increase and you get more damage out of simply using radar to find enemies faster.
[Vigorous Swap], the damage buff is less of an improvement to performance than the holster speed boost without the added clunk. It's hot horrible, per se, but I advise against it.


Q0: Is swap speed really that important?
A0: Yes... yes it really is.

Q1: Why is there no HP/armour/facetankmod#177013.
A1: Because DE doesn't know how to balance the game and shield gating+rolling+Spoiler is so strong anything with 1 shield doesn't need additional survivability.

Q2: Why are [Fleeting Expertise] and [Streamline] not maxed and is it fine if I run them maxed?
A2: Skill cost on non channeling skills caps at 175% efficiency and on channeling skills the cap depends on your duration. Running these mods non-ranked saves you 5 starting energy per mod and running fleeting at rank 4 also gives you 10 duration with no draw-backs other than requiring you have a spare mod. Maxing them is fine, but if you can afford it there's no reason not to go R4.

Q3: What do I mod her [Regulators] for?
A3: Here's a build for every faction.

Q4: I keep getting killed and....
A4: Git gud.