The Optimal Voidrig - Orphix Venom, Eidolon, Profit Taker, General

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Nothing fancy but gets the job done and then some. With its electrified armor, this rough and ready mech can make the battlefield treacherous for the enemy with an arsenal of explosives.




80 / 80


Damage Reduction
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The Optimal Voidrig - Orphix Venom, Eidolon, Profit Taker, General

I have taken inspiration for this build from THeMoonN85's build. His is VERY good. Mine is just better. I also have three separate [Arquebex] builds linked at the bottom of this guide, depending on what you plan to do. There is a F.A.Q. at the bottom of this guide for anything you just want as a quick reference. There is only one flex slot: the last one (replace [Necramech Efficiency]). Use it with this [Arquebex] Build for best results.

Quick Tips

1. If you are missing any of these mods, I have them in order of importance starting at the top left and going to the right. Focus on the highest priority items first.
2. Only use the 2 and the 4.
3. The only replaceable mod is [Necramech Efficiency].
4. The best alternative to [Necramech Efficiency] is [Enemy Sense].
5. If someone tells you [Necramech Intensify] is bad because it doesn't effect Arquebex, they clearly don't know Storm Shroud exists. Ignore anything they say after that.

Orphix Venom --- I highly recommend turning off Volumetric Lighting in your settings. This will make finding and killing the sentients easier, with the added benefit of hurting your eyes less. Use [Hildryn] with the [Combat Discipline] Aura for extra energy and healing. Use Magus Lockdown for your Operator Arcane. If you have it, Silva & Octanis can allow you to kill yourself in the event you get bugged out. Be sure not to use all of your revives and die, or you will not get rewards. Having said this, you will be able to damage and play well. You will no longer need to be carried, even if you are just using this build. Go forth and murder brethren.

[Voidrig] [Overview]

[Voidrig] is immune to status effects. However, damage bonus still applies to incoming damage. [Voidrig] has Flesh Health and is weak to Slash, Toxin, and Viral, but resists Impact and Gas. VoidRig Shields are weak to Impact, Cold, and Magnetic, but resists Puncture and Radiation.


  1. NecraWeb --- Slows enemies or sets them on fire. Not very useful. Scales with Duration, Efficiency, Range, and Strength.
  2. Storm Shroud --- Makes [Voidrig] immune to all damage (except Void damage) from any source. When activated, will absorb damage for 3 seconds and 250% of that damage will be converted into the ability armor value. If no damage is taken, the armor value will be 1,540. Scales with Strength and Efficiency. Can be recast whenever you want, except while in guard mode.
  3. Graveminds --- Launches mines from the front of the [Voidrig] toward the direction it is facing. Pretty much useless, especially with how expensive it is. Scales with Duration, Efficiency, Range, and Strength.
    4. Guard Mode --- Essentially [Mesa]'s [Regulators]. The reason you use this NecraMech. [Voidrig] uses its exalted weapon, the [Arquebex], to murder everything. The projectiles have travel time and you have to compensate for bullet drop at longer ranges. It is a channeled ability, but unlike most channeled abilities, you can replenish energy without leaving Guard Mode. You will also be unable to move while Guard Mode is active. Guard Mode cannot be cast while airborne. Scales with Duration, Efficiency, and Strength.

The only 2 abilities that matter are the 2 and the 4. If you cast the 1 or the 3, you are just wasting energy, except in very limited circumstances. The 2 functions similarly to [Rhino]'s Iron Skin and will make you invulnerable until it is depleted. The 4 is a giant cannon that does absolutely ridiculous amounts of damage. Another thing to note: the melee sucks. It does barely any damage and ragdolls enemies. A ground slam can be effective, but this NecraMech is better off on the ground.

Analysis of the mods in this build

  1. Intensify, Streamline, Continuity, and Flow are all self-explanatory. These mods will allow your abilities to actually work and help ensure you have energy to use them.

  2. Vitality and Steel Fiber are also self-explanatory. They will help you survive and allow you to use your NecraMech more easily or be more risky.

  3. Repair is a great mod. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. It is one of the only forms of NecraMech healing. It also allows you to have some breathing room in high level content when your 2 goes down. When you put your 2 back up, the NecraMech will continue to heal. This can easily heal you back to 40%-50% health in a short period.

  4. Thrusters double your engine capacity. This is essentially a 200% efficiency mod for anything that uses the NecraMech engine. This places it a cut above all other movement efficiency mods.

  5. [Rage] allows you to gain energy in the event you are not using [Protea]. It also synergizes well with [Vitality], Rebuke, Repair, and [Steel Fiber]. There really isn't a better mod to replace this with. The 2 cannot be cast while in Guard Mode and if you think you can handle the damage, this allows you to stay in your 4 for longer.

  6. Refuel is pretty much mandatory when using Thrusters. With such a large amount of engine capacity, it will take forever to recharge without this mod. It also means you should never run out of engine if you are using the NecraMech correctly.

  7. Rebuke is an incredible mod. Most of the damage you take comes from within 20 meters. So when your shield breaks, this functions as an upgraded shield gate, while having the added benefit of damaging enemies with electricity. This will give you enough time to exit your 4, cast your 2, and re-enter your 4.

  8. Efficiency is incredibly useful for its general engine efficiency increase. You can replace this mod, but I would not recommend it. This mod also has great synergy with Thrusters and Refuel.

Analysis of using different mods

  1. [Redirection] is bad because it does not provide much in terms of EHP and brings nothing else to the table. It also mitigates the effects of [Necramech Rebuke], shield gating and [Necramech Rage]. See F.A.Q. #2 for more info.

  2. Drift is bad because this Necramech belongs on the ground. You should always be ready to use Guard Mode and hovering prevents this. There is almost never a good reason to hover for longer than a couple seconds.

  3. Friction can be good, but slide speed isn't as useful as having a larger overall engine capacity, or general efficiency and recharge.

  4. Slipstream is bad for the same reason as Friction, except Friction is slightly superior. You really do not need more speed on NecraMech Slides.

  5. Augur is bad for the same reasons as [Redirection], except Augur is superior. It can reset your shield gate. This is not needed with Storm Shroud.

  6. Deflection is bad for the same reasons as [Redirection] and Augur, except Augur is superior. Why? Augur allows you to skip shield recharge delay and gives shields immediately.

  7. [Enemy Sense] is actually decent. You can put this mod in the flex mod spot at the bottom right to replace [Necramech Efficiency], although I wouldn't recommend it. If you have a companion with [Enemy Radar], you will have enemey radar and loot radar for NecraMech.

  8. Hydraulics is also decent. I would use [Enemy Sense] over this mod, but the extra jump height can be beneficial in a very small number of scenarios. If you do use Hydraulics, make sure to only use a level 1 (at max) version, or the jump height will seriously hinder you.

  9. [Stretch] is bad because Range is the dump stat of this NecraMech. The two abilities (Necraweb and Gravemines) that use it are objectively bad.

  10. [Aviator] is bad because this NecraMech should never be in the air for too long. You do not get enough benefit from it, especially since you don't benefit at all while in Guard Mode.

  11. The other mods are all so bad they do not warrant an explanation.


1) Why are you throwing [Shade] at THeMooN85?
I'm not. I like his builds, but they are not always the best they can be.

2) Where is [Redirection]?
[Redirection] serves no purpose when using a [Rage] build. [Voidrig] does not have enough base shields to make [Redirection] a good choice when not using [Rage]. As such, [Necramech Rebuke] replaces [Redirection] and functions as an upgraded shield gate.

3) Are there any flex (option) slots?
Yes. I have ordered the mods in order of importance to the [Voidrig]. The most important is at the top left and the order goes left to right and top to bottom from there. It's like reading. The only slot I'd change is the bottom right slot ([Necramech Efficiency]). There are no better options than [Necramech Efficiency] but [Necramech Enemy Sense], [Necramech Friction], [Necramech Hydraulics] (Rank 0 or Rank 1), and [Necramech Slipstream] are viable alternatives.

4) Which one of the above mods should replace [Necramech Efficiency]?
None. If you must replace it, the alternative mods are listed in order of viability.

5) I can't fit [Redirection] on here. What do I do?
You shouldn't use [Redirection]. Refer to F.A.Q. #2. It is the ONLY mod that cannot fit with 6 Forma. You will have to Forma again, which, beside being a waste of Forma, limits you in the future if or when new NecraMech mods come out.

6) Your build sucks.
No it does not, you're just bad at math and critical thinking.

7) My friend has a better build.
No they do not, your friend is just bad at math and critical thinking. Also, you are bad at math and critical thinking by extension.

8) You suck at Warframe and builds.
Yep. You finally got one right. This morning I filled out my ID-10T forms and turned them into my employer.