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Outrageous Umbral infinite Hysteria build ft. build flexibility polarizations

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A proud fighter emerges unscarred by time or malice. Featuring altered mod polarities allow for greater customization.




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Outrageous Umbral infinite Hysteria build ft. build flexibility polarizations

PSA: Why did I put a mismatched mod polarity on [Streamline]? Build flexibility: this allows me to put my triple umbral Warcry facetank build on the next mod loadout slot over. Not necessary if you aren't interested in using the specific minmaxed Warcry facetank variant I have on the same Valkyr Prime. If you ARE interested, go ahead and check out for that build.

PSA 2: See for the accompanying [Valkyr Talons] build.

PSA 3: But Anaktoria, you used TWO Umbral forma on [Valkyr] here! One on the Warframe, one on her [Talons]! What are you doing?! Very stupid things. Look, if you aren't batshit crazy and dedicated to [Valkyr] (and specifically to her [Talons]) despite her not being meta, this build probably isn't for you. Go play [Protea] or someone else similarly respectable and powerful and useful. This [Valkyr]'s for if you wanna stick your head in the sand and play as the screamy catwife and use Hysteria as much as humanly possible, no matter the cost.

Credit to --Aegis--Grey for suggesting improvements to my initial version of this build and yielding the current version of it!


Very simple unga bunga strategy for the convenience of very simple Valkyr-loving gremlins like myself. Enter mission. Press 4. Press 2. Swing away.

If you subsume Fire Blast onto her 3 like I did here, tap it anytime you meet an enemy you can't one-shot with her Talons' slide attack (Corrupted Heavy Bombards on the Steel Path come to mind). One cast, two at best, should be enough to one-shot these as well. Plus, it's thematically and aesthetically fitting. Even with negative range, it's enough to function as a really high-range heavy attack, which is okay because you should only ever need to use it on one or two targets at a time (everything else, like I said, should already be one-shot by [Talons] without Fire Blast if you follow my build or similar).

I recommend that you tap aim every little while during Hysteria (and immediately melee afterwards to return to immortality), just in case things go topsy-turvy and you're left with several tens of thousands to take on a measly 300 HP from your Hysteria self-damage counter when you unwillingly are forced out of Hysteria, due to whatever unfortunate circumstances you might encounter. (Only applicable in really high levels like Steel Path survival. Not a problem in normal star chart missions, where all the damage you can possibly take is just peanuts anyway.)

I pair with Vazarin for a cover-my-ass button if I ever have to de-cast and re-cast (i.e. if I fuck up and touch a disgusting Nullifier bubble by accident, or if, Void forbid, one of those horrid Ancient Disruptors lives long enough to steal my energy). I have a decent melee weapon on this loadout so that if I ever need something other than Hysteria and Valkyr Talons, I have it. EDIT: Naramon is now a relevant option, because if you load up your standard melee and/or [Valkyr] herself with Gladiator mods, you'll benefit from scaling additional critical chance as your combo count increases! Note that as of the latest update or so, you can't put them on [Helios] or its Prime variant any longer, but that won't stop you from having them on your standard melee, as I do. PREVIOUSLY: I don't use Naramon because Valkyr Talons can't benefit from combo count. (Yes, this makes her Talons pretty mediocre at best, even with this min-maxed build. As mentioned, this is not for utility at all, this is if you're a dumbass [Valkyr] stan like me.)

If you have to exit Hysteria for any amount of time, use Vazarin dashes combined with the melee or weapon of your choice (if low on energy, repeat until Energize can jump-start you again).

Venka (Prime) is nice, but not necessary, to give you that Walmart-brand Hysteria when forced out of Hysteria.

Stats breakdown

High duration and maxed efficiency should be self-evident with a high-drain channeled ability like Hysteria. Same goes for maxing her energy with Primed Flow. Combined with the all-important Arcane Energize, this allows [Valkyr] to pretty comfortably keep up Hysteria consistently, as long as she's getting kills. (Getting constant kills also contributes to [Eternal War], and this is further serviced by that high duration.) Efficiency affects channeling drain more than duration, hence why I prioritized it over duration. EDIT: [Fleeting Expertise] is now maxed! This alllowed me to remove [Streamline], in combination with maxing [Narrow Minded] to achieve minimum energy drain for Hysteria. It does bring cast efficiency for all abilities down slightly, but I find the difference is acceptable in practice. PREVIOUSLY: [Fleeting Expertise] is not maxed because it's not necessary to max this mod in order to achieve maxed efficiency at 175% overall.

High strength is pretty no-brainer as well. I just went for as much as possible. No need to use [Umbral Intensify] or to forma that slot, but I did because fuck it, YOLO.

No survivability mods because if you play this correctly you'll never leave Hysteria and thus will never need to worry about taking any damage whatsoever. (Yes, this means the only point of Warcry is to buff the attack speed of her Talons.)

Arcane Fury is the melee Arcane of choice rather than Strike because high-strength Warcry plus Berserker on [Talons] already boosts her attack speed to near the cap (or at least to the peak of what I as a human can handle playing).

EDIT: [Narrow Minded] is now maxed! PREVIOUSLY: I left [Narrow Minded] unmaxed because I felt my duration was high enough already for personal comfort (efficiency is maxed regardless) and because I wanted to leave a little range on Fire Blast and for the occasional Ripline use (whee, I'm Spider-Cat!) but you can max this mod if you prefer.

NEWLY ADDED: [Preparation] (in place of [Power Drift]), so you always start with enough energy to last a whole mission, even if RNG is mean to you! Left two ranks below max for mod capacity drain optimization, and because this fills the entire energy bar anyway, so maxing it gives no further benefits. Augur Strength (in place of [Streamline]). [Streamline] removed because [Fleeting Expertise] was replaced with a maxed variant (was one rank below max). This ups her duration and strength compared t o before(!) with a small [Sacrifice] in range and efficiency (but no change to Hysteria's energy drain or scaling).

Where can (or should) I use this build?

So the elephant in the room: stupid build, right? The answer is yes. This is only if you want to play Hysteria all day, every day. It shows that you CAN do this if you WANT to do so. It does NOT show that this is meta or optimal or even recommended in general, because even I, a diehard Hysteria fan, do not recommend this in general at all. This build cannot defend objectives, provide good CC (Fire Blast's range is so limited), [Protect] mission objectives, heal your squad, give good damage boosts (again, range is limited, so unless your teammate(s) stick to you like white on rice when you originally cast Warcry...), or even give great DPS. There are honestly much better ways of surviving than "hurr durr press 4 to become invincible" (because that self-damage counter will really get ya if you run into a Nullifier or similar and you haven't been aim-tapping religiously, or sometimes, even if you have been).

So where CAN you use this build? Personally, I like to head to Steel Path survival in solo mode, put on some music, and just mindlessly slice away. I did a solo two hour Steel Path Mot mission this way without deaths or problems. Yes, you can achieve a high enough kills-per-second rate to do this as a solo player. Again, it's not optimal, but you CAN do it if you want to.

This build will also typically do you just fine in exterminate missions, several assassination missions (weirdly, I have consistently killed Steel Path Vay [Hek] with this build), and any objective defense mission where you don't need to bring something that can actually heal or shield the objective itself, but then again, like, any Warframe with half a build can do that, so that doesn't mean anything. Not for Eidolons (obviously). Not really for disruptions because those nullifying pulses make the idea of using an Exalted melee as your primary or only weapon pretty dumb. Also, the [Talons] do not scale well in damage at all at high levels, even with Fire Blast. Not for Arbitrations because yeah, drones flick off Exalted weapon damage like fleas from a horse.

You're insane.